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Residents Continue Library Objections

Mar 20 2007 13:32
Ashley Brown
Residents in the £100,000 per year Alexandra Court are continuing their objections to the library refurbishment.
The back of the library (left) and Alexandra Court (right)

College's plans for the library are continuing to be held up by objections from local residents from Alexandra Court, the building between 170 and 180 Queen's Gate which overlooks the South Kensington campus.

Student enemy #1

Residents, who can pay nearly £2,000 per week (yes, week) for a three bedroom flat in the building, scuppered plans for solar shading last month when they complained it was "too dense". College planned to resubmit the application without the solar shading, however it seems there are still objections to the revised plans.

Central to the refurbishment is a new service tower and cooling system, providing some relief from the heat during the summer. Loss of the solar shading will reduce the effectiveness of this system, however there are further objections, presumably to the new chiller unit to be positioned on the roof.

The Union is now calling for students' help to lobby the planning team and local councillors, to ensure that the objections of a few well-off local residents do not block proposals designed to help tens of thousands of students over the next couple of decades.

To help the campaign to make the library cool, students and alumni are invited to contact the Westminster planning team to express support for the library refurbishment, which can be done online or in writing. A model letter is provided on the ICU website.

If you live in the Knightsbridge and Belgravia ward, which includes Beit Quad and Imperial, you can contact your local councillors who are:

Devenish and Roe are both involved with planning. You can find out which ward you live in on the Westminster website. A map of Knightsbridge and Belgravia is also available.

Students and alumni from outside the borough are welcome to write in, however communications from people living within Knightbridge and Belgravia will have the largest effect, followed by those within Westminster generally.

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Discussion about “Residents Continue Library Objections”

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Mar 19 2007 23:38

Ms Roe also appears to be a Govenor of Imperial College, accoring to the register of interests.

Mar 20 2007 00:23

Tell the people from Alexandra Court to spend a hour - or half an hour, I'm not fussy - in the library on a hot day.

They'll soon be crying for a G&T and their little Filipino slave-boy with a fan made from the woven hair of rare-breed Himalayan yaks...

Mar 20 2007 09:02

why don't we just protest outside alexandra court? some banners, some big signs saying s**t like "can you stand the heat" or whatever until they shutup.

i hate rich a-holes

4. Geek   
Mar 20 2007 13:26

but the library is already the coolest place to be.......

5. Griz   
Mar 20 2007 14:05

I think a protest is in order.....

Mar 20 2007 14:08

We don't want to put them in a bad mood if we can get lots of letters of support.

Of course, if it still fails, then a protest might prove the point. Perhaps setting up a "library" just outside their gates would be enlightening for them.

Mar 20 2007 17:09

rich c u n t s!

Mar 20 2007 17:37

How can we set up a "library" outside the gates? Hire a load of sunbeds, and leave them open? Hire one of the militarys cool new microwave trucks? Sleep on the floor in a pile of our own filth? The possibilities are endless!

Apr 02 2007 17:22

This is the new planning application which needs your support: 07/02140/FULL

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