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CGCU Election Results!

Mar 22 2007 14:23
William the Conquerer
Today's CGCU AGM saw the announcement of the Guilds President for next year, along with other key positions and Departmental Society Committees
Tristan Sherliker, President Elect

News just in, CGCU election results have been announced! Next year's officers in the engineering Departmental Socities and the core of the CGCU officers were elected by online voting while the remaining Guilds officers, including Sports and Spanner Bearer, were voted in at the AGM today.

As always the online voting was a secret ballot and the single transferable vote system was used, allowing voters to select a preferential order of candidates, inlcuding RON (Re-Open Nominations).


President - Tristan Sherliker

Online Vote

After one round of voting

  1. Tristan Sherliker (226 Votes - Elected)
  2. Joseph Jezic von Gesseneck (86 Votes)
  3. RON (69 Votes)

Vice-President (Activities)

VPA - Salma Begum

Online Vote

After two rounds of voting

  1. Salma Begum (133 Votes - Elected)
  2. Edward Judge (126 Votes)
  3. RON (Eliminated)

Vice-President (Finance & Socities)

VPFS - Michael Chan

Online Vote

After two rounds of voting

  1. Michael Chan (154 Votes - Elected)
  2. Andrew Holland (115 Votes)
  3. RON (Eliminated)

Honorary Secretary

Hon Sec - Vinno Bala

Online Vote

After one round of voting

  1. Vinnothan Balakumarasingham (198 Votes - Elected)
  2. RON (65 Votes)

Academic Affairs Officer (Taught)

AAO (Taught) - Alex Grisman

Online Vote

After two rounds of voting

  1. Alexander Grisman (119 Votes - Elected)
  2. Leong Lo (114 Votes)
  3. RON (Eliminated)

Academic Affairs Officer (Research)

AAO (Research) - Eirini Spentza

Online Vote

After one round of voting

  1. Eirini Spentza (23 Votes - Elected)
  2. RON (1 Vote)

Welfare Officer

Welfare - Sam Piper

Online Vote

After one round of voting

  1. Sam Piper (188 Votes - Elected)
  2. Aditya Narayanan (55 Votes)
  3. RON (45 Votes)

Other CGCU Positions

As elected at the Guilds AGM

  • Chairman Jennifer Roberts
  • Guildsheet Editor Nicholas Simpson
  • Lords Mayors Show Coordinator No candidates
  • RAG Coordinator No candidates
  • Sports Officer Borja Sordo de la Pena
  • Spanner Bearer Various
  • Bolt Bearer Various

Next year's departmental society committees were elected as below.

Bio Engineering

  • Chair Zheng Goh
  • Treasurer Hal Neville-Jones
  • Secretary Nuri Purswani Ramchandani
  • Industrial Liaison Re-Open Nominations
  • Departmental Representative Christine Sanders

Chemical Engineering

  • Chair Ruben Martinho
  • Treasurer Yat Hor
  • Departmental Representative Brandon Ng & Mark McBride

Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • Chair Tom Hoskins
  • Vice-Chair Ton Von Den Bremer
  • Treasurer Matthew Fitch
  • Secretary Avalon de Paravicini
  • Industrial Liaison Agnes Law
  • Environmental Officer Antoine Joly
  • Events Officer Stanislaw Sikorski
  • Publicity Officer Re-Open Nominations
  • Livic Editor Nick Simpson
  • Sports Officer Keat Chong
  • Web Editor Re-Open Nomintaions
  • Departmental Representative Mengyi Wu


  • Chair Eddie Forson
  • Treasurer Diana Ramchandani
  • Secretary Selina Kanji
  • Industrial Liaison Irfan Nazir
  • Webmaster Kiran Kaura
  • Events Officer Simran Cashyap
  • Departmental Representative Ahmed Gueccioueur

Electrical and Electionic Engineering

  • Chair Hao Yip
  • Vice-Chair (EEE) David Chan
  • Vice-Chair (ISE) Re-Open Nominations
  • Treasurer Wenqian Zhang
  • Secretary Afrah Khan
  • Events Officer (EEE) Ushnish Banerjee
  • Events Officer (ISE) Tzyy Tong
  • Industrial Liaison (EEE) Edo Abraham
  • Industrial Liaison (ISE) Re-Open Nominations
  • Web Master William Hoy
  • Departmental Representative Tomasz Koprowski
  • ISE Course Representative Mireno Rossi

Mechanical Engineering

  • Departmental Representative Clemens Lorf
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Discussion about “CGCU Election Results!”

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1. Hmm   
Mar 22 2007 15:55

And the next guilds President suddenly realises what he's let himself in for! There are no photos of him not looking aghast, and now there won't be until August 2008!

On a more serious note, congratulations to those who were elected- and there are still a couple of vacancies left for those who just missed out (though I can't imagine JJvG volunteering for LMS...)

2. Tris   
Mar 22 2007 15:57

Yeah, I have to open my eyes wide or I blink...

3. Sid   
Mar 22 2007 17:09

"Chariman" is a woman!

4. Tris   
Mar 22 2007 17:43

Oh, how we laughed

5. anon   
Mar 22 2007 22:09

Congratulations Gessneck... for defeating RON this time...

Mar 22 2007 23:25

spanner and bolt bearers are Mark Mearing-Smith and Links, perhaps Links will actually do something with the mascots next year...

Mar 23 2007 17:32

Links have done a great deal, especially yesterday night at the RCSU event.

Mark Mearing-Smith will assist the Links when necessary. Neither party should see this as a competition to own Spanner or Bolt. I would have ran for it, only if I have a pair of stronger arms and legs.

Mar 28 2007 22:18

so according to the guilds president the spanner bearer 'owns' the violate mascot and leavers can run in elections?

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