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Mascot Standoff at RCSU Results

Mar 23 2007 12:37
The Dark Knight
The RCSU will give £100 to RAG, following a mascotry stand-off with Guilds after their election results (which are included here too!)
Top left to bottom right: Guilds block the exit; Theta-bearers consider their fate; The net closes; The stand-off

RCSU election results were announced in the Union bar last night, with their violate mascot Theta on display throughout the evening. The Theta-bearers had been taunting Guildsmen, claiming to have taken Spanner. Both Spanner and Bolt have been accounted for, so maybe they've taken the wrong one again?.

After results were announced Theta was due to be taken back to safety, but the RCSU hadn't considered the presence of the C&G Rugby team, four of which had their eye on the thermometer. With a combined weight greater than the entire RCSU executive they blocked the exit to the Union Bar, to be greeted by RCSU Vice President (Activities) Richard Fautley; he objected because Spanner had not appeared at the previous Guilds bar night and slave auction.

Following mumbles that Theta would be removed through the bar and out the back, the scientists were blocked into a corner with a table as a barricade, fearful of the mighty Guildsmen. As the standoff continued a possible escape was offered: a £100 donation to RAG by the RCSU, in return for safe passage. This was accepted and the scientists were set free, only to take Theta out the back anyway, with the help of Deputy President (RCSU) Jon Matthews.


Election results and colours were announced before the stand-off.


The presidential race was a close run thing, with only four votes between candidates in the first round and eight in the second.

  • Jennifer Morgan (166, Elected)
  • Thom Groot (158)
  • RON (28, some re-distributed)

Other Positions

  • Vice President (Activities) James Field
  • Vice President (Operations) David Charles
  • Honorary Junior Treasurer Shuangzi Guo
  • Honorary Secretary Michael Coombe
  • Welfare Officer Inger Eriksson
  • Events Officer Daniel Teutsch
  • Broadsheet Editor Alexander Guite
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Discussion about “Mascot Standoff at RCSU Results”

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Mar 23 2007 12:49

i love it how every time RCSU books the union bar it is on Links night

Mar 23 2007 15:18

because ur always drinking so inevitably u'll always be in the way when the rcsu want a bar night

Mar 23 2007 15:25

Links night is only a Thursday, just do the bar night on another, maybe a 22 day would help with the weight issues.

Mar 23 2007 15:57

Maybe if the Guilds Rugby team/links werent a bunch of fat bastards their wouldnt be a weight issue

Mar 23 2007 17:27

My greatest commendation to the Links!

Not only did your action make proud of the C&G, but also extremely .

Moaning scientists, did I see the metal thermometer in the Ritz?? Surely an important event such as that deserves the presence of your mascot. You don't ever see us not bring Spanner and Bolt and Bo' to our Annual CGCA dinner!

Also I guess you have our spanner.... the FAKE one again. When are you all going to learn that we have a decoy spanner? But well done for knicking it from the RAG team. (by the way, this is not cheating for having a decoy, after all your ONE mascot is in FOUR pieces)

RAG, when would you like to have your mascot back.... give me some offers.

Mar 23 2007 17:43

Can I "borrow" spanner for a few days so I can take it to NUS conference and use it to randomly lash out at some of the "revolutionaries" on conference floor?

That il' teach the little buggers.

Mar 23 2007 23:12

Mr Fok, how many times have you taken spanner or bolt out this year?

Mar 23 2007 23:16

I think we should take Mike the Micrometer to conference with us, just so they think we're crazy right-wing fascists, rather than just normal right-wing fascists.

9. Ant   
Mar 24 2007 00:31

Rather than all the back sniping and question avoidance, why don't the respective presidents answer the accusations about their failures to ensure their mascots attendance at their own events?

Nice idea about taking Mike Ashley but they'd probably have to spend 2 full sessions debating whether or not Mike would have to count as a member of your delegation.

Mar 24 2007 18:22

I must say I've been to a few C&G events bar nights last year and this year, eg slave auction, and I have yet to even see this mythical spanner! I wonder if C&G actually still have it or do they avoid bringing it out to any event to hide the fact that it doesn't, actually, exist..

Mar 24 2007 20:39

Doesn't spanner feature on the back page of Guildsheet in every issue? In fact I've only ever seen Tris with it. Maybe it lives in his room...

At least then we can expect to see it more next year.

Mar 25 2007 11:50

the spanner was stolen last year, the cgcu havent a clue where it is and probably will never find it.

as for c&g rugby team....FAT, not muscle, was blockading the door. fautley the great shouldve had a word and a punch!

Mar 25 2007 12:14

I think you'll find both Spanner and Bolt were at the CGCA dinner. The office doorstop (decoy spanner) was stolen last year and guilds have no idea where it is, as RAG managed to lose it.

Mar 26 2007 08:17

Go on James, let RAG have Chris the Collecting Tin Back! If they pay a ransom it would surely be only to themselves???

Mar 30 2007 08:54


I stumbled over this "discussion" group by accident. I'm the person who built Mike the Micrometer back in 1966. I was amazed to see that it is still around. In those days it was stealable. I gather that it is now inviolate. Kinda wimpy, if you ask me. UC stole it first. They cast the D frame in a block of cement and used the lift to get it t the 3rd (?) floor of their Union building. They then cust off the handles they then cut off the carrying handles to make it hard for us to get it down from the 3rd floor of their Union. They also turned off the power to the lift, until we started bouncing it down the stairs with the cement still atached. When they realised that the building was going to lose, they turned the power to lift back on. They were mightily p***ed!

For a year I was custodian of Theta and never lost it. When we stole Spanner it was solid brass and weighed a ton. I still have photos of it painted in RCS colours. There was no decoy then. We also stole RSM's Davey lamp and filled it with cement and epoxied all the connections before we returned it.

When you steal a mascot do you still lay a trail of clues for the owners to follow? That was great fun, both creating and laying clues and following them.

Oh, yes, I did manage to graduate!

I'm now 62, retired, and living in California.

Mar 30 2007 10:24

That, sir, was an amazing post and brings shame to all those who "claim" to be involved in mascotry now. If we were to cast anything in cement I'm sure Mr Singh would bring a paper to Council complaining...

Also, I think that the presidents of the faculty unions (or designated mascot bearers) should have to carry their respective mascots with them at all times when on campus.

Got a Physics issue? Look for the goon carrying the giant metal pole

Mar 30 2007 10:48

Ok, silly question:

Mike the Micrometer

Spanner the, well, spanner

Davey the Lamp

Theta the...

What the heck is Theta? I've never even seen it.

Mar 30 2007 11:00


19. peter   
Mar 30 2007 11:24

millen, i'd be careful about calling people goons...

20. Stairs   
Mar 30 2007 18:39

In the house?

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