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Felix Missing

May 04 2007 10:33
Ashley Brown
There will be no Felix this week, as the exams season has decimated the Felix staff.
Nothing but an advert for a dodgy lecture at Westminster University

Students looking for an end-of-week release in the form of the Felix crossword, sudoku and horoscopes will feel cheated this week as Felix will not appear.

The publication is suffering a staffing crisis as the exam season takes its toll on the team, with barely any content being submitted. Last week saw a thin 8-page Felix appear in a few bins around campus, with the rest of the issues in remaining in the quad.

Exciting Indeed

A lack of news is also posing a problem, with very few newsworthy things happening which will affect ordinary students - the long awaited new signs around campus being the most exciting thing to happen all week. Indeed, hopes for a controversial trading forum were dashed when no students turned up, with all the bar staff at another event and a lack of posterboards (and Felix) killing advertising opportunities.

Many students are unlikely to notice the lack of Felix, as yesterday several people were observed picking up last week's copy in the mistaken belief that Felix still appears on Thursday.

Those desperate for a sodoku fix can download one from the box to the right - answers sometime next week! If you are feeling a bit more creative, we invite you to write some horoscopes for the sabbatical team using the discussion below.

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Discussion about “Felix Missing”

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May 04 2007 11:07

Mmmm, the sudoku link is not working.

I really wish Felix would keep uploading the newspapers to pdf, or publish them online somehow. I can't read them from abroad otherwise. I miss the horoscopes and the cryptic crossword...

May 04 2007 11:10


May 04 2007 11:16

Why is north right?

May 04 2007 11:27

Because the sign (and hence person looking at it) faces West.

The sign is at the walkway entrance to Huxley.

May 04 2007 11:51

It's nice to see Felix's tradition of innovative spelling and grammar continuing even in absentia:

"...with very few newsworthy things happening which will affect ordinary students..." Surely you mean "...things happening THAT will..."?

May 04 2007 11:58

Think of it as a game for those who don't like sudoku...

May 04 2007 13:17

Unless I am much mistaken don't we employ someone full time, yes 9 till 5 monday to friday, to produce one small paper? So what if there is no content, make some yourself. It's not hard when you don't have exams.

Well it's only a student paper....

May 04 2007 13:34

markis right, not only is there no paper this week but that new website has not been updated since relaunch. The front page still has stories over a year old on it and generally felix has been devoid of content this year...

...and this guy is full time?

May 04 2007 13:53

He's on annual leave at the moment I believe...

May 04 2007 13:59

Well i guess that might explain something.

May 04 2007 19:38

I'm taking some leave for personal reasons. Felix will return next week.

May 04 2007 20:48

fair enough

May 10 2007 12:00

Mark, you have no idea. Not only am I responsible for writing stuff for the damn paper (you might have noticed I appear under numerous pseudonyms every week), I'm also responsible for getting it out the door. I work a lot longer than 9-5 most days, and am often in on weekends, and honestly this job is not worth it. It's not quite as easy as blithely saying "make some content".

The website has not been updated because that is yet ANOTHER thing that falls to me to do. Simply uploading one issue takes me an hour. Right now, with no staff due to exams, along with the s**t I'm dealing with in my day-to-day life (which I'm not going into on Live!), I simply cannot find the time to do it.

Even uploading the PDFs is a tedious, time-consuming process (the ones we send to the printers are too large to upload for public use, and unfortunately I can't find a way to automate the PDF-reducing process).

As for how much I get paid, ask your other sabbs. I get paid the same as them.

May 10 2007 23:30

Oh dear, how awfully common to have Smith and not Smyth as part of your double-barreled surname. Your parents obviously are not related.

Also, how awfully Old Tory to lament the fact that someone who was elected to be paid, gets paid, EVEN, I say during sickness. Cameron is the future what what.

May 11 2007 14:02

Dear Andy - I'm sorry that I didn't know the particulars of the situation, and feel that you have done a great job this year with Felix. Every one deserves holidays, especially for personal reasons, and sorry for stooping low with the pay issue, which all you sabs deserve. You?ve answer my question and I am satisfied.

Dear "Miss Phyllis Jennifer Whipple-Whapple" (c**p name, if I've ever heard one)

You've missed the point, I am an annoyed voter, wanting to know why something hasn't happened which we've voted for, asking an open question to the editor, which I've been given a good answer to. And if the way I?ve asked it isn?t alright for you tough luck, because if your going to go into personal jibes about something you probably don?t know, I couldn?t care less about your views. The system we run is called democracy, and free speech and holding elected officials to account is key to it. And by the way the db surname is from my working class grand parents getting divorced when my father was 2, then my grand mother getting remarried. Good enough for you? Also I do know how necessary it is to have paid leave and sickness leave; I have had a full time job. Lastly you clearly don't understand the original Tory-Whig parties.

May 11 2007 14:51

And it's "What ho" or spiffing, anyway.

May 11 2007 14:56

Welcome back to Felix, good job Andy, nice to see you are back around.

May 11 2007 22:30

I do understand them for I am learn?d. Generally speaking, Whigs supported the rights of the land-owners and Parliament whereas Tories fell in line with the Monarchy; both aristrocratic naturally. The names Tory and Whig descended from insults such as thief and brigand. In the 19th Century with post-Napoleonic Wars unrest c. 1815, under Lord Liverpool clear divisions between High (repressive) Tories and New (more progressive) Tories appeared whilst the Whigs courted the new rich (from industry) middle classes, ultimately leading to Grey's 1832 Reform Act. Whilst the Tories were in opposition under said act - divisions as a result of the 1827 Catholic Emancipation - they eventually found a new direction under Peel and his Tamworth Manifesto in 1840 and the creation of The Conservative Party. The Corn Law Repeal in 1846 eventually led to the split (again) in the Tories - what a bunch of splitters. The Peelites from the split went onto to form the Liberals with some radicals and the Whigs disappeared from life as a result of further Parliamentary Reforms. Democracy barely featured in the original Tory-Whig structure and it eventually killed the Whigs.

19. lol   
May 11 2007 23:53

Now that's what I call a comeback.

May 12 2007 13:47

That's what I call Wikipedia

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