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New building design unveiled

May 29 2001 13:43
Mustafa Arif
Gary Tanaka's multi-million pound gift begins to take shape.
Imperial's new entrance on Exhibition Rd - as envisaged by Sir Norman Foster.

IC Public Relations have released details of the new buildings for the Management School. Designed by Sir Norman Foster & Partners, the new building will cover up the hideous front of Mechanical Engineering. It will also extend into the Goldsmith's Wing of the Royal School of Mines. (Ironically, the Goldsmith's building used to be part of the old City & Guilds College.)

The new building has been made by possible by the £27 million pound donation made earlier this year by Dr Gary Tanaka, an IC alumnus. The opening of the building will see the Management School adopt the name 'Tanaka Business School' in recognition of his contribution.

As well as finally providing a dignified entrance to the College, the new building will also help to more fully integrate the Management School students with the rest of Imperial. However, there may still be some problems for students. The Mechanical Engineering workshops will be closing this summer in order to make space for the new building's foundations. Although alternative arrangements are being made, Mechanical Engineering students are not entirely happy with the prospect of there being no workshop facilities in their building.

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