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Foul Up Releases Student Assessments

May 07 2007 22:50
Ashley Brown
Staff comments about third year CivEng students were made available to the whole department after an IT foul up.
Constructionarium 2006

A mistake by the Civil Engineering department has caused concern amongst students, who were able to view assessments of themselves and others by staff planning the Constructionarium.

Constructionarium is an annual event involving third year students, who are assigned to groups with the aim of constructing items such as bridges, dams and other structures (the projects change every year).

In order to assign groups for this year?s projects staff created an assessment of each student, including details of relevant experience and comments about the students themselves. This list was placed on the departmental intranet, however could be read by everyone in the department and not just the staff involved. After the list was discovered it passed around the student body before being removed.

Live! has been unable to get hold of a copy of the list and student accounts of the comments vary. One source told Live! that comments such as "Good leader but a bully" could be found, while another said those Live! had been told about had been blown out of proportion.

The list appears to have achieved noteriety despite the limited circulation it seems to have received, with rumour playing a major part.

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