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Guilds VPA Drops Out

May 23 2007 13:13
Ashley Brown
Guilds Vice President (Activities) Borja Sordo has dropped out of his EEE course.
Borja tries his latest chat-up technique

Borja Sordo, Guilds' under-performing Vice President (Activities), has withdrawn from his course in EEE, bringing his time as VPA to an end two months early. Sordo told Live! he had not been enjoying his course and will be seeking to start again in the Department of Materials.

A consequence of his withdrawal is his likely removal from student status until the start of his new course and hence as a full member of Imperial College Union. This means not only the end of the VPA, but also that he will be unable to take up the position of sports officer in August. The impact on Guilds is expected to be minimal, as most of the VPA role has been taken on by Honorary Secretary Nick Simpson during the year.

The future of the Vice President (Finance & Societies) is also in doubt after he failed to submit a budget on time, with ICU Exec demanding some form of punishment in exchange for awarding Guilds money for next year. A motion of no-confidence will be heard at the Guilds Exec meeting next Tuesday, where welfare officer Emma Persky may also face the chop.

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Discussion about “Guilds VPA Drops Out”

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May 23 2007 14:12

If Borja is no longer classed as a student does that mean he'll finish reapping in hall or be forced to leave?

May 23 2007 14:37

I'm sure happy he left. Not only was he useless but also a nuisance to everyone.

May 23 2007 15:20

@ post 2:

Don't be so frigging awful. You wouldn't want people gloating if you dropped out. The world is bigger than IC, you know.

May 23 2007 15:43

As the original 'Fisher Resident' I would like to deny anything to do with post 2. I don't think Live! should be a forum to make a personal attack on people regardless of whether you like them or not.

5. Simon   
May 23 2007 19:34

if you didnt like EEE dont come to Materials it Funking sucks! go somewhere else to a university with women and a social life!

Good luck Borja!

May 27 2007 16:01

He should have done ISE...

May 29 2007 22:13

Yeah, we all should have done ISE. ISE rocks (so i'm told).

Good luck Borja!

May 30 2007 22:36

eee is surely a c**p course !

Jun 04 2007 09:44

clearly you're all delusional.

engineering is for people with no brains who play legos all day, science is where its at.

Jun 04 2007 18:29

Scientist: clearly you're delusional. "Legos" is not a word. Neither is "a lego". You may have "a LEGO brick", "many LEGO bricks", and "a lot of LEGO", but not "many legos". The Lego Group considers its use thus to be brand dilution.

"The word LEGO? is a brand name and is very special to all of us in the LEGO Group Companies. We would sincerely like your help in keeping it special. Please always refer to our bricks as 'LEGO Bricks or Toys' and not 'Legos.' By doing so, you will be helping to protect and preserve a brand of which we are very proud and that stands for quality the world over. Thank you! Susan Williams, Consumer Services."

Jun 04 2007 19:59


Scientists do rock the hardest though. AND our faculty union president is the hardest. We are hard like, er, quartz? Help me out here, you lot are good at rocks.

Jun 05 2007 11:25

Clearly Geology rocks. By definition.

And you should use Moh's Hardness Scale. Where would you put Jad, James and Shiv?

Jun 05 2007 11:53

Right well l'il James Fok would get, what, like a 30?

Sexy Shiv Chopra, well he's at least as hard as quartz surely, lets give him a couple of hundred.

Jad is off the scale, 2K?

Jun 05 2007 13:23

So Jad is made of Aggregated Diamond Nanorods?

15. Moh   
Jun 05 2007 13:40

James, seeing as Moh's scale runs from 1-10 (with 1 being Talc and 10 being Diamonds), are you suggesting that all of our esteemed FU Presidents are harder than diamonds?

Jun 05 2007 14:07

I'm sorry, not being a geologist I accidently read the absolute hardness from Wikipedia (Is that like Kelvin compared to Celcius?). So that equates to Fok having 4.5, Shiv on about 8 and Jad still on 2000 ;)

Jun 05 2007 17:10

ISE is teh r0x0r

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