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Triple Disciplinary Claims One Scalp

May 29 2007 15:45
William the Conquerer
Guilds exec heard three disciplinary papers this afternoon, with just welfare officer Emma Persky being axed.
Starting as she meant to go on at the CGCU Freshers' Ball

At 1pm this afternoon the Guilds executive committee met to decide the fate of three officers: the Vice President (Activities) Borja Sordo, the Vice President (Finance & Societies) Boon Koh and Welfare Officer Emma Persky.

The no-confidence against the VPA was thrown out, initially thought to be due to his recent withdrawal from his course, with automatic resignation when he ceased to be a student. Since the original publication of this article Mr Sordo has indicated that he resigned from the post of VPA and is still in fact registered as a student, having completed a transfer to Materials.


The VPFS was in the hot seat following his failure to submit a budget, however his work on attracting external sponsorship for next year provided a strong mitigating factor. Club chairs have also expressed the view that Boon had been helpful throughout the year, if a little hard to find at times. Boon was the only one of the three to turn up to the meeting, despite the Welfare Officer still being in post (and required to attend).

A motion of censure was brought against him and required a 2/3 majority, or 8 votes of the 11 people present and voting. The final vote was 7 in favour and 4 against, meaning Boon narrowly escaped an official telling off.

Welfare Officer

Welfare Officer Emma Persky had good attendance at ICU Council at the start of the year, however had vanished recently, while still finding time to attend NUS events. As an elected representative of the Representation and Welfare Board she was also required to attend ICU Executive committee, but failed to do so on several occasions so was removed.

Guilds voted unanimously to move Miss Persky from her post, which has an additional effect of removing her from Council, where quorum was becoming difficult meet. Her removal drops the number of members required to be present at Council, increasing the likelihood of being quorate at future meetings.

The no-confidences will hopefully draw a line under a bad year for Guilds, with the new team looking forward to a rejuvenated faculty union for 2007-2008.

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Discussion about “Triple Disciplinary Claims One Scalp”

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May 29 2007 20:32

The 7 people will be glad to hear that I have verbally submitted my resignation today to James Fok, and will be submitting a hard copy tomorrow morning.

While I take great satisfaction in having given back to the engineering community for close to a year now, I have been disappointed and disillusioned by the way some officers have decided to dabble in the political side of things. We are all volunteers spending our time for the betterment of CGCU. I will be ploughing back the time gained from my resignation into other clubs and societies at Imperial that I am involved with.

Altough James now has the financial responsibility of CGCU, I will still help out with the sponsorship fundraising that is almost complete. Negotiations with Deloitte, BP, Ernst & Young, and others are now at a middle to advanced stage, and any club that would like to be sponsored by them next year should get in touch.

Anyways, best of luck to the current somewhat diminished exec team, and all the best to next year's exec.

May 29 2007 22:10


CGCU is a FU, which means it's a bit like a complex club doing lots of different things from freshers balls and bbqs to representation stuff and buddies events. The VPFS is treasurer of this slightly confusing club.

CGCU is a CSC, it has around 15 clubs. The VPFS is treasure of the CSC. The VPFS is president of the CSC.

CGCU is a student activity center, the VPFS is (sometimes) joint administrator of the student activity center.

Someone needs to figure out what to do with the position of VPFS, coz it's screwed.

If the constitution were fiddled with over the summer to add some new posts, it could be agreed at the first CGCU exec of next year (and probably has to go through SAC and GM) and officers could possibly be elected at the general meeting. You have to have a GM at the start of next term anyway...

May 30 2007 18:55

Paragraph 2 of this article has been modified in light of new information from the Guilds ex-VPA.

4. Anon   
May 30 2007 21:11

So you mean after being asked by the Chair to remove herself from the last meeting of Council, Ms Persky is getting well and truly booted of?

How ironic.

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