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Ball Tickets on Ebay

Jun 04 2007 10:52
William the Conquerer
The last two dinner tickets for the summer ball are being auctioned on eBay, with 25% of the profit going to the Student Opportunities Fund.
eBay: 7 days to make your bid

Deputy President (Finance & Services) Jon Matthews has made the final two VIP tickets to the Centenary Ball available on eBay.

On Friday he announced to the 100 people on the dinner waiting list that he had been unable to increase the capacity of the dinner, but that one pair of VIP tickets would be made available for auction. The tickets, which include access to the VIP area, were available to alumni for £85 and include a quantity of free champagne.

All profits from the ball will go to Centenary projects, including the Beit redevelopment. 25% of the proceeds of the auction are ring-fenced for the Student Opportunities Fund, which provides support for students struggling to afford their studies in London.

At the close of play on Friday the Centenary Ball had taken nearly £62,000 in sales, with around 1,500 people attending. Bidding for the tickets closes on the 11th June and current stands at £31.

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Discussion about “Ball Tickets on Ebay”

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1. wtf?   
Jun 04 2007 12:04

In some very weird way this is quite sad!

Jun 04 2007 13:24

where do we collect our tickets if we purchased them? all i have to show for blowing ?100 on 2 tickets is a shoddy email.

Jun 04 2007 13:30

Dear ticketless,

The email about ticket exchange is about to be sent out. I'm sure you can appreciate that the logistics of exchanging over 1600 e-tickets are extremely complicated and have taken time to sort out once the tickets arrived.

Jon Matthews

Deputy President Finance and Services

Centenary Ball Event Co-Ordinator.

Jun 05 2007 01:07

I agree with Jon. It must be very difficult to work out how to change electronic tickets for real ones. It is lucky we have a DPFS who is so clever that he can devise a system to exchange them.

In fact, I think he should get a big red tick and gold star for all his hard work.

5. ...   
Jun 06 2007 00:49

Is random student being sarcastic

Jun 06 2007 00:50

It certainly looks like it.

7. Hmm.   
Jun 07 2007 08:48

And of course, Random student wouldn't dream of being the first to complain if all 1600 people showed up at the same place at once and he was at the back of the queue...

Jun 10 2007 23:01

1600 people turn up at once - yeh right! Only about 100 true hacks know where the union reception is!

What is interesting is that the account being used for the auction last bought something from "juliefantasyworld"....

Jun 10 2007 23:53

They sell fancy dress costumes, you insinuating fool.

Jun 11 2007 08:25

"Only about 100 true hacks know where the union reception is!"


11. Dave   
Jun 11 2007 19:02

"They sell fancy dress costumes, you insinuating fool."

Is this where Mr Mathews buys all his outfits?...

Jun 13 2007 18:46

Bidding has ended for this item

Current bid: ?51.00


Ended: 11-Jun-07 19:26:34 BST

Jun 13 2007 21:06

The tickets were sold for face value.

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