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Collins Injured on Bike Ride

Jun 21 2007 21:13
Ashley Brown
The ICU President has been injured after crashing his bike in bad weather, just 6 miles from the start of his fundraising ride.
John Collins, on his bike

The bad weather sweeping parts of the country has claimed another victim, in the form of ICU President John Collins. Just six miles away from his starting point at Land's End, Mr Collins came off his bike and ended up in hospital. He is believed to have broken his arm in two places and badly bruised his ego. Reports suggest he is otherwise OK, having been rather concerned at what Live! would have to say on the matter, presumably worried we would satirise the event.

As a result of his accident Collins will be unable to complete the bike ride at present, however Live! would encourage all of you who have been laughing at his misfortune to donate online.

Mr Collins was undertaking the bike ride to raise money for the Beit Masterplan, with Sir Richard Sykes donating £1,000 and students raising another £700. Help was nearby as he was being followed by a support car - no Union minibuses driven by bitter hacks were believed to be in the area at the time.

We wish John a speedy recovery and once again ask you to donate online. He won't be as smug when he comes back, so it's money well spent.

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Discussion about “Collins Injured on Bike Ride”

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Jun 21 2007 22:32

What happened to his stabilisers?

Get well soon!

2. LOL   
Jun 21 2007 23:48


Jun 22 2007 00:03

I know it's mean. But it is a bit funny!

Jun 22 2007 00:04

He does something *indisputably* good for the Union and is quite badly injured in the process, and you laugh at him?

That's just plain unpleasant.

Jun 22 2007 07:52

If you're going to laugh at him, at least donate to the cause he was injured for:

Jun 22 2007 10:57

I have to blow the whistle. This was an idea conjured up in an MPG meeting, and then ratified by Exec to get more sponsorship.

He's also going to be fitted with a cybernetic arm (paid for by the Wye underspend). I don't know why, but he really really wanted it, and was going to cry if we said no.

(p.s. get well soon John)

Jun 22 2007 11:03

Then we should certainly be impressed by his dedication. What was the nature of accident determined in Exec? Being run over by the support car behind him?

8. Seb   
Jun 22 2007 11:25

Get well soon John...

9. Simon   
Jun 22 2007 12:03

its both sad on the one part, and ammusing on the other.

Cmon.... guy falls off his bike 6 miles into his cross-country cycle, its is rather unfortunate, and it is in our nature to laugh at other peoples misfortunes.

On the other hand, all credit for him for beeing prepared for things like this to happen to him in order to raise the profile of the Union refurb. JC doesnt strike me as the sportiest guy in the world, and i know he has been training quite hard for the cycle. How many other people can we say have broken their arm for the Union?

Jun 22 2007 20:29

I'd be willing to nurse john back to health..... :)

11. Simon   
Jun 24 2007 00:54

I think you'll find he has a girlfriend for that type of thing..... though im sure he'd appreciate the sentiment.

Jun 25 2007 10:59

Dear friend

As you may have already heard, sadly I have been forced to postpone my sponsored attempt to cycle from Land?s End to John o?Groats (aimed at raising money for the Beit Building Project).

Whilst cycling in Cornwall last Thursday I was caught in severe storms that on the same day caused two serious coach crashes and flooded a harbour town nearby. I accidentally fell off my bike on the outskirts of Penzance and broke my right hand wrist in several places. I am due to undergo surgery to realign my arm and insert a plate in my wrist on Monday.

Naturally I am very disappointed by this turn of events and I am sorry if I have let anyone down. I am determined to re-attempt this challenge in September when I expect to have made a full recovery. In the meantime I will try to stay as fit as I can and I plan to return to work by the end of next week.

In essence this challenge has been postponed, not cancelled, so if you are still interested in sponsoring me then please visit my website at:

Best wishes

John Collins

Jun 25 2007 19:44

this is just too funny! i will definitely donate NOW.

but tell me, i'm not the amazing sportsman, but i've done my share of leisurely bike tours of poland, germany, france and italy and had no troubles over about 100km+ a day, how the hell did he manage to pull this stunt?!?!

it's almost more difficult to do what he did than to act normally!!

having ridiculed him enough and laughed so hard i cried, i do wish you a speedy recovery as no injury is fun.

but the way it happened, CLASSIC

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