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End of the Road for Linstead

Jun 22 2007 15:39
The Dark Knight
Linstead hall has come to the end of the road, with the last residents set to leave this weekend.
Linstead - this view won't be available much longer

The last ever residents, with the exception of the rats, will move out of Linstead Hall this weekend as College prepares for its demolition. The hall, which has housed former ICU Presidents such as Trevor Phillips, is to be replaced with a new Eastside hall complete with continental-style bar.

As a result of the demolition Harrington's Bar and Grill, the little-loved "replacement" for the old Southside bar, will shut its doors this evening after 2 years of serving cheaper drinks than the union. The new building will not be completed until Autumn 2009, leaving a gap in service provision on campus - on nights when the Union is charging there will be no place to grab a bite to eat or drink in the evening without paying for entry or suffering South Kensington prices. The current level of accomodation will be maintained by the opening of Southside in October.

Prince's Gardens is now open .. ish

Those around over the summer looking for some green space will be able to visit Prince's Gardens, which has now mostly re-opened. The sunken grass between the paths had been filling with water, however these drainage problems appear to have been solved. With the Queen's Lawn covered in a marquee Prince's Gardens is the only green space on campus for those too lazy to head to Hyde Park, but anyone wishing to make use of it over the summer may find it less than tranquil: the new Southside building is still being finished and Linstead will be demolished in short order. It also appears to have its own collection of mini-marquees at present after Exhibition Road events at the weekend.

Eastside is the last piece of the Prince's Gardens restoration project, which includes Ethos, Southside, Eastside and the refurbishment of the green space itself.

The Eastside development
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Discussion about “End of the Road for Linstead”

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Jun 25 2007 19:40

i lived in linstead three years ago and it was a DUMP!

and far more importantly, the warden will FINALLY be gone, he was a disgrace to wardening staff all over college and ruined many freshers' first years.

2. ohho   
Jun 26 2007 01:27

Ok, 'finally' - tell us more! How exactly was the fine Warden of Linstead Hall a "disgrace"?

3. query   
Jun 26 2007 11:58

what is happening about 9-15 Princes Gardens - are they going to become a single hall of residence

Jun 29 2007 21:49

Well I must admit Antony had his odd side, one being his total inability to be wrong under any circumstances, but I think that is quite common in Imperial. He seemed OK, and I will miss Linstead, mainly for it's great camaradery due to the communal meal, which tasted frequently like the poops...

5. Emma   
Sep 30 2007 20:43

It's a pity to read this. I lived in Linstead in 1994-1995 and had a wonderful time there - meeting many friends including the man who was to become my husband. I thought the meals were the best bit - it helped you make friends. Sad, sad news!

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