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Queen Presents 'Charter of Independence'

Jul 09 2007 22:40
Ashley Brown
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presented Imperial with its new Royal Charter this afternoon, making Imperial College a university in its own right.
The Queen addresses staff, students, alumni and supporters

The Queen attended a special Centenary Ceremony this afternoon which saw the main entrance packed with staff, students, alumni and industry supporters. The ceremony marked one hundred years since the formation of Imperial College and the end of Imperial's association with the University of London, with the granting of a new Royal Charter as an independent university.

Upon their arrival the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh were greeted by honorary graduates and VIPs, before making their way to officially open the Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

The Duke of Edinburgh accepts his honorary degree

Upon their return the Rector and The Queen addressed the assembled guests in the main entrance, before the first Imperial College degrees were awarded. The recipients of the degrees were:

  • Professor Winston Wong - an Imperial alumnus and Chairman and CEO of GRACE THW Group, China. He founded the Imperial spin-out company Future Waves Ltd and now supports research in the IBE.
  • Mrs Lily Safra - a great supporter of the arts and the socially disadvantaged, supporting a wide variety of causes herself and through the Philanthropic Foundation.
  • Dame Vivien Duffield - a highly successful philanthropist and Chairman of the Clore Duffield Foundation, which has pledged over £10m in the last decade to museum and gallery education.
  • Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al Missned - actively engaged in education and social reforms in Qatar, spearheading national and international development projects.
  • HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh - a supporter of countless charities and initiatives for the support and development of young people.
The Queen signs the Imperial College Visitors Book

Following the conferment of degrees upon the honorary graduates The Queen unveiled a statue of Queen Victoria before signing the Imperial College Visitors Book. The statue had previously been in a poor state inside the Queen's Tower, but has now been restored and placed in the main entrance.

The most important part of the day is, of course, that Imperial is now a university in its own right.

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Discussion about “Queen Presents 'Charter of Independence'”

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1. Lily   
Jul 10 2007 00:07

The canapes were yummy.

2. Matt   
Jul 10 2007 02:34

Dear God, who decided on the colour purple/mauve for the gowns. I'm used to wearing purple as a medic, but this just looks silly.

Jul 10 2007 10:52

The purple gowns are only for doctoral qualifications, the others are still black gowns with a mauvine stripe.

Doctoral gowns are always very flamboyant ...

Jul 16 2007 10:58

i dont understand the random assortment of students that were asked/allowed to attend this ceremony.

i know that the girl who met the queen was on a special scholarship, and union prez collins fair enough, but these randomers from things like artsoc or so? what on earth were they doing there?

Jul 16 2007 13:15

The randomers from Symphony Orchestra were there because they were playing. Don't know about artsoc, perhaps they were painting or something.

Jul 16 2007 21:15

Or perhaps (if you were referring to Lily) it is because the 'randomer from artsoc' is a CSC chair-elect, works in the Student Activities Centre and is one of our most active members in representing and participating in union activites.

Plus, you wouldn't want the geeky science types representing Imperial College on the Queen's visit now would you? ;-)

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