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U-Turn on Independent Website News

Jul 23 2007 20:02
The Dark Knight
The Union has halted plans to restore independent news to the Union website as part of a redesign being undertaken this summer.
The current Union website
The good old days

The Union website is to undergo a bit of a facelift in the coming months, with a number of revisions to the design. The changes will not, however, include the restoration of news feeds from Live!, Felix and stoic tv. The three media outlets had all been a permanent fixture on the old site and Live! was given assurances in June last year that they would return. Despite plans to do so being well advanced they have now been dropped from the final redesign, apparently at the behest of ICU President John Collins. Mr Collins denied all knowledge, claiming - with a wry smile on his face - that small details like that did not concern him. Earlier in the year he said of the plan: "what if there's bad news?"

The news section of the redesigned website will continue carrying propaganda amongst event advertising and election results. Burying bad news is not uncommon this year and was especially apparent when Mr Collins came off his bike - the page advertising his progress was swiftly dumped from the front page, where it was intended to stay for the duration of his ride. Those visiting it through the feed on the Live! front page noted that it did not mention an accident until several days later, initially claiming the ride had been stopped due to bad weather.

Live! Editor Ashley Brown commented on the U-turn: "We must be doing a good job if they are trying to limit our audience - what does the Union have to hide? I'm sure Stephen Brown is made of sterner stuff: I've seen him in a kilt and he didn't mind having his dirty laundry on display then."

John Collins in Reporter - blink and you'll miss him

Unconfirmed rumours are circulating that this latest spat between Beit Towers and Live! is down to the ICU President being sore at having no picture of himself with the Queen in Reporter, Imperial's staff magazine. His only presence is in the background of another photo, apparently wiping his nose. A certain media editor received much more coverage.

Anyone looking for a balanced view of events in the Union should, of course, add Live! as their home page. As well as the latest news and critical analysis, the front page includes news feeds from College, ICU and the BBC, alongside the latest weather forecast and tube status. Events taken from the union website, as well as extra ones added directly by clubs, are also visible on both the front page and events calendar.

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Discussion about “U-Turn on Independent Website News”

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1. Alice   
Jul 24 2007 14:43

Lol, that's a little bit naughty!

Jul 24 2007 19:38

It seems that Live! will probably be the only ones to report real (read: bad) news then.

Jul 25 2007 00:33

You mean President Brown doesn't wear his kilt as a Scotsman should Ashley? Disgraceful!

Jul 25 2007 12:22

Scientist... what's all this about "will"? I think Live have been the only ones to report "real" news for quite a while now... you could hardly call Felix's past efforts exactly timely...

Jul 25 2007 13:27

engineer, you seem to be mixing real and timely, just because Felix's past efforts may not be timely, does not mean that the news they report, when they report it, is not real. Now had you said Felix's current efforts it would be a different matter...

Jul 25 2007 16:28

But old news by definition is not news.


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