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DoCSoc affair to go back to O&MC

May 31 2001 22:04
Dragon Slayer
President calls emergency Council after Dep Rep agrees to withdraw motion.
Ejected DoCSoc chair Jack Yiak made a strong defence of his committee's record.

Following an emergency C&GCU Exec meeting today it appears that the DoCSoc situation could finally be appearing a resolution. The heated discussion saw an, understandably upset, Jack Yiak (DocSoc Chair) respond to each of the points raised by Ash Arya (Doc Dep Rep). After some discussion, Mr Arya requested that the DoCSoc committee be re-instated.

Mr Arya accepted that the dissolution of the DoCSoc committee was wrong. He also apologised saying he was sorry for the offence caused to the members of the committee. The consensus of the meeting was that the decision by the Officers' & Members' Council (O&MC) was wrong. There was a strong feeling that the C&GCU Executive should have done more through the year to support DoCSoc, with some of the newly elected Union Officers expressing the hope that this will provide the impetus for a shake-up in club and society support within C&GCU.

However, the Executive has no power to over-rule the O&MC, which are the Union's sovereign and governing body. The course of action agreed was for the President to petition an emergency meeting of O&MC to ask members to reverse their decision. This meeting is likely to take place in two weeks time, and are expected to vote in favour of re-instating the DoCSoc committee. Although re-instating the committee will have no practical impact, it will go someway towards addressing the humiliation that the 3 members of the DoCSoc committee have faced. Mustafa Arif, President-elect, made clear that he would word the appeal such that the efforts of the outgoing DoCSoc would be recognized, while allowing the current DoCSoc elections to be unaffected.

The resolution was brokered by Sarah Bluhme, C&GCU's Vice President after Dinesh Ganeserajah sent an email to Union Officers and Dep Soc Chairs saying "This is the point at which I no longer care."

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Discussion about “DoCSoc affair to go back to O&MC”

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May 31 2001 23:42

I think some useful points were raised in today's emergency Exec meeting. Most of those present agreed that C&GCU could have done more to support DoCSoC this year, and I sincerely hope that the new incoming team will be able to make improvements where necessary and provide the level of support that our clubs and societies require.

I don't think that any one person is to blame for the problems that we have seen in the last week - Ash Arya, the new DoC dep rep is dedicated to serving all students within the department, and clearly had no intention of offending the current DoCSoc committee. Had there been more communication between the Dep Soc and the current Dep Rep, then perhaps this situation would not have occurred at all.

I think we should be grateful to all that have put work into DoCSoc this year, and also to those that have offered to support it in the forthcoming year - with greater support from C&G, it should become an een more successful society.

Jun 01 2001 18:05

If the C&GU had put in half as much effort as the DoCSoc commitee since I was in the Chair - the year the O&MC asked the Guild's president to step down for not supporting the Guild's students - then the whole CCU structure would have been in a far better position.

It is up to the DoCSoc to gauge the best way to support its students and once Guildsheet has caught up with Typo in issues produced over the last 5 years then they can complain.

After all this is a small volunteer committee with no real backing or say - trying to help.

As for the DepRep, shame he cannot look after the students academic welfare and change the commmittee by getting voted onto it - or maybe he is too lazy!

Jun 01 2001 22:19

The dep-rep is automatically a member of the DoCSoc committee and does not need to be voted onto it.

Jun 02 2001 15:55

I appologise to Mr. Pell for my lack of CCU knowledge as I have left IC some of my memory must be going - (although the comment shows the DepRep up even more for not keeping the dispute private), isn't the real point that it is possible to change a society from the inside - in fact this is the way the current DoCSoc came into being - it only takes one or two sad individual knowalls to put down those who volunteer for the whole thing to fall apart.

Might I suggest that in the future before correcting a minor point the writer takes in the bigger picture and sees that it is about several people trying to help out others and that small critisms can get turned into petty votes at meetings that can cause distress to these very people who have given up their time to try to make some difference.

It is this sort of attitude that destroys the fabric of community - if you have good ideas (and I am in no position to tell either way) then get along and support, innovate, create - but above all don't be so silly as to pick at the very people supporting you.

The Department of Computing is a difficult mixing pot to get right - there are (as in all other areas of IC) people from many different backgrounds - and on top of all that a community that prefers to talk via email. If you think that the current DoCSoc is getting it wrong join in give ideas - because if you do not then do blame others for you lack of intervention.

5. ThinW   
Jun 03 2001 10:44

DocSoc was a big let down and dissapointment. Ash was right to demand its dissolution, it is just a shame he was too spineless to follow it through the whole way. As far as I am concerned, none of DocSoc deserved an apology considering their poor performance. They should'nt have taken the position if they could not do the job properly. I would have rather had no DocSoc than the shameful one they tried to run and I fear DocSoc will have its name tarnished for future years because of last years council. Remeber Ash, u cant be nice to everyone in politics!

6. eddie   
Jun 03 2001 11:38

of course on those grounds, why bother to do anything cos people like you dont give a damn.

If you want to complain about the standard of something then either a) have been involved. tried and failed, or b) get involved if you think you can do better.

and i am not even in DoC, but that attitude just gets to me somehow...

If you paid for a service then sure, complian, but there is no excuse for complaining about someone trying to help you if you have not invested somethig in the exercise. (time, enthusiasm?)

7. jon   
Jun 04 2001 21:23

Agree with you entirely eddie.

They are all MUPPETS!

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