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College Puts Brakes on Beit Masterplan

Sep 12 2007 21:53
Andrew Holland
The next phase of the Beit Masterplan has been put on hold due to College withholding the money.
The new reception and Student Activities Centre is postponed

Hopes that the next phase of the Beit redevelopment plan could be started before the end of 2007 have been dashed, after College refused to hand over the money for the project. In a report to the ICU Executive Committee the ICU President, Stephen Brown, announced that the project has been put on hold until at least 2008. College has refused to support any ICU capital investment programme until they have confidence in the Union?s financial management systems.

Proposed "breakout area" in the new SAC

Controversial plans passed by the previous executive committee in June revealed that ICU?s finances were to be controlled by a member of the college?s finance division, in return for the £3.2m needed for the refurbishment. This change has now taken place, with the newly restructured finance division snowed under preparing for this year's audit, while club and CSC chairs grow increasingly irritated at the lack of up to date financial information available to them. The College is still showing a lack of faith in the Union's finance systems, despite the Union's finance department now being run by one of their own. ICU President Stephen Brown will be holding weekly meetings with Imperial's finance division, in an attempt to have the issues resolved as soon as possible.

This setback is not the first unforeseen delay in the refurbishment. Asbestos was discovered in the central core of Beit in summer 2006, and the furniture for the refurbishment in Da Vinci?s arrived an entire term after the refurbished bar was reopened. In February, the toilets were blocked: the fifty year old drainage system unable to cope, particularly as it had not been cleaned since the mid-70s. Over a year after the refurbishment started, there is still no definite answer as to when it will be finished.

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Discussion about “College Puts Brakes on Beit Masterplan”

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Sep 12 2007 22:14

Does this mean that the union gymn will be available this year?

Sep 12 2007 22:41

shouldnt the DPFS be working harder?

Sep 12 2007 23:00

I love being able to say this....

'I told you so!'

So now college are in complete control of our finances and we have nothing in return.

Well, I guess we can enjoy the smoker's tent!

Hoo and indeed, rah!

Sep 12 2007 23:02



5. haha   
Sep 12 2007 23:07


what a surprise. not.

Sep 12 2007 23:27

For crying out loud, college own the building and college will pay the contractors. Why does the union need control of the cash at all?

I don't understand.

Sep 13 2007 01:08

One of the first priorities for the DPCS is to try and work out what will happen with clubs relocated from the Union Gym due to these 'building works'.

Many martial arts clubs have gone to Ethos and have been promised money to help subsidise ground hire cost (?45 per hour) which was tue to come from the Redevelopment Fund. Now that there is no fund, presumably the Gym is staying open.

And also that room bookings will need to be allocated too.

8. Seb   
Sep 13 2007 02:34

Three cheers for College. They know how to organise a c**k-up in a filing system like no one else, they'll soon show us young whipper-snappers a thing or two about how to properly implement bureaucracy and inertia.

9. Seb   
Sep 13 2007 02:38


It's more all the other money the union handles. Like clubs and societies funds. Will payments be faster or slower?

What I find most absurd about the decision to pass of finance to college is that it is an enormous strategic decision that was made just before the Trustee board was created.

Sep 13 2007 09:06

I was think more along the lines of: why does college need to give the union the cash for the redevelopment, when it just goes back to their contractors anyway. It seems like there's an extra bureaucratic step there. It's a college building, they should just get on with it.

Sep 13 2007 09:22


I'd like to join you in saying 'I told you so!'

May be the new trustees can give us a hand in resolving this matter. They are powerful and all, no?

12. Eugene   
Sep 13 2007 10:38

@ Engineer:

There is no end to the amount of bureaucracy that occurs in college - College invoicing itself is not uncommon at all.

Sep 16 2007 11:14

Well Mr Fok, we'll see on Monday evening!

Sep 20 2007 09:27

Phew, looks like I left at the right time!

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