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Wye Degree Classifications 'Consistent'

Sep 17 2007 10:58
Ashley Brown
An investigation into the low degree classifications at Wye has concluded that the students involved performed consistently throughout their degree.
"Imperial College at Wye" ... for now. Photo: Neville Miles

The degree classifications handed out at Wye this year were consistent with overall student performance, according to an investigation commissioned after allegations made on Live! by 2007 graduates. The investigation has concluded that the year group performed no worse in their final year than they had done in their first year, despite complaints from students that they were treated unfairly.

The percentage of modules graded at a first or upper-second in the first year was around 25%, identical to the preceding year. However, the 2006 graduates raised this to around 50% in their second and third years, with the 2007 group only reaching 34%. This raises questions as to why the 2007 graduates were unable to raise their attainment to the same level as the preceding year, while the 2008 and 2009 graduates were able to achieve nearly 40% firsts and upper-seconds in their first years at the same time.

The investigation also found that concerns about low attendance in lectures had been raised at staff-student meetings: students defending the academics at Wye claimed that the main protagonists had failed to attend lectures, so were in no position to comment on teaching methods at the Kent campus. A submission to the investigation by Wye students expressed satisfaction with the support given to them by Wye academics and strongly criticised those making complaints for not working hard enough.

The 2007 graduates had a low response rate for SOLE, the termly lecturer evaluation, and had not provided feedback to suggest they were unhappy with the teaching or facilities. The lack of feedback to the academic staff had been brought to the attention of the student reps on a number of occasions, to no avail.

Live! understands that a number of appeals may still go ahead through the standard College appeals process.

This year's intake for the new Kent business management course at Wye looks to be considerably lower, which had been anticipated due to the changeover in teaching control. It is hoped numbers will rebound once the new course is established.

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Discussion about “Wye Degree Classifications 'Consistent'”

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Sep 17 2007 15:49

So how long until the lazy b*stards claim the investigation was a conspiracy/cover-up/conducted by someone who was the victim of an alien abduction.

If you do no work, you are unlikely to get a good degree, it's simple. There may well have been some serious complaints but they would have been largely swamped by all the spurious complaints from people who think that driving around in their Daddy's 4x4 is going to get them a good degree.

Sep 17 2007 17:39

This kind of accusation is ridiculous to start with. Tolerating or giving in to their demands would amount to nothing less than blatant dilution of academic standards.

"students defending the academics at Wye claimed that the main protagonists had failed to attend lectures, so were in no position to comment on teaching methods at the Kent campus"

3. Hmm.   
Sep 18 2007 09:44

Can we please stop the 4x4 references. We've already established that those sorts of students were at Wye in earlier years, and on the science (farming/horsey) courses, and not the ones involved here who are more likely to be driving some noisy black car with neon underlighting. Say what you like about the old Wye students, whose parents owned land, bought them a pony, etc, but at least they wanted to be there and worked accordingly: not so for a lot of these students, many of whom wanted to be in London and never got over it, preferring moaning to making the best of things.

4. er   
Sep 18 2007 13:12

Members of last year's Wye exec (the same people who should have been representing the students) were frequently seen driving around in 4x4s...

The students in earlier years were committed and got good degrees (by and large). It doesn't matter if people's parents owned land, bought them a pony, or anything, what matters is that people come to uni to work and earn a degree.

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