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Council and Trustee Nominations Close Soon

Oct 12 2007 21:02
Ashley Brown
Nominations are currently open for positions on Union Council and the new Trustee Board, with stiff competition in the Faculty of Medicine.
You could join the fun and games at Council (Photo: Felix)

The nominations for Council and Trustee Board positions appear to have turned into a popularity contest in medicine, with eleven undergraduates standing and most fully seconded. In engineering it seems three candidates will be running for four positions in the undergraduate constituency.

Students in Natural Sciences seem thoroughly disinterested, managing only one undergraduate candidate with no seconders at present. A similar situation applies to postgraduates, with only four candidates across all three faculties, seconders being few and far between.

Student trustees will also be elected to the new trustee board, with three people standing at the time of writing.

Anyone wishing to stand for these positions must be fully nominated by 23:59 on Sunday.

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1. Tris   
Oct 15 2007 09:42

You got a photo of me not yawning at council? How?

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