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Thirty Contest Non-elections

Oct 15 2007 14:20
William the Conquerer
Thirty people will be fighting for twenty-two positions within ICU and faculty unions, with many only needing to beat New Election.
We have loads of pictures just like this ... which new faces will be in the next ones?

Thirty candidates will contest positions in ICU, faculty union and GSA elections over the coming fortnight, although many will only have "Re-open Nominations" to worry about.

Only three positions out of twenty-two being elected will face any real competition, as the number of non-RON candidates standing for most positions is greater than or equal to the number of candidates to be elected. Those standing for Undergraduate Medicine Councillor have the biggest fight on their hands, with eleven candidates for just three places.

Natural Sciences only managed to field two candidates for positions on Council, both first years seconded over the weekend, leaving a further two places empty. Engineering is evenly matched, with four non-RON candidates for four places. Only one postgraduate is running for election to Council, with the others unable to reach the required numbers of seconders.

Despite the limited competition there is no room for complacency: the electorate has frequently shown a willingness to RON candidates for Council elections.

RCSU elections are the only others to have proper competition, with three candidates for their Publicity and Communications Officer and four for Sports Officer. Guilds are electing a new Honorary Secretary and Sports Officer after the winning candidates from the summer elections were unable to fill their posts.

Once again Council will have held two meetings without ordinary members, the second coming just two days before results are due to be announced. Given the relatively soft ride given to the sabbatical team at the first Council meeting last week ordinary members may be sorely needed.


Hustings for ICU elections will take place on Thursday 25th October at 12pm in the JCR, with voting running from 00:01 on Friday 26th October to 23:59 on Tuesday 30th. Results will be announced on Thursday 1st November.

Photos and manifestos will appear in Felix on the day voting opens and will be available online for the ICU voting pages. The full list of candidates is below, RON stands for all positions.

Union Council

Postgraduate Engineering Councillors (2 to elect)

  • Ashley Brown

Trustees (2 to elect)

  • Ali Al-Hussaini
  • Amir Sepehripour

Undergraduate Engineering Councillors (4 to elect)

  • John James
  • John O'Neill
  • Matthew Taylor
  • Rosie Smithells

Undergraduate Medicine Councillors (3 to elect)

  • Amir Sepehripour
  • Alexander Walls
  • Abubakar Mohammed
  • Aneesha Verma
  • James Dearden
  • Monal Patel
  • Mark Chamberlain
  • Nimesh Patel
  • Olivia Kenyon
  • Sarasvati Chauhan
  • Tiffany Munroe-Gray

Undergraduate Natural Sciences Councillors (4 to elect)

  • Jose Videira
  • Shray Amar


Honorary Secretary

  • Edward Judge

RAG Co-ordinator

  • Thomas Griffith

Sports Officers

  • Richard Parasram


Honorary Secretary

  • Neki Patel

Publicity and communications officer

  • Emma Rose
  • Jose Videira
  • Shray Amar

Sports Officer

  • Alexander Johnstone
  • Neki Patel
  • Patrick Tumilty
  • Vignesh Venkataraman


GSA Treasurer

  • Sam Patankar

There were no fully-seconded candidates for GSA secretary.

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