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800 Watch England Defeat at the Union

Oct 21 2007 01:01
Ashley Brown
An estimated 800 people were at the Union on Saturday for England's rugby world cup defeat.
A packed da Vinci's

Beit Quad was packed on Saturday evening for the final of the rugby world cup, with around half of those watching on a projection screen in the quad. Although not as large as originally planned, the outdoor screen provided extra capacity with da Vinci's full to bursting and dB's packed with painted faces and flags for a special rugby club event.

At its height, an estimated 400 people were out in Beit Quad

The bars planned to stay open until 01:30 to allow fans to celebrate England's success or commiserate their failure. Follow England's 15-6 defeat at the hands of South Africa much of the crowd quickly dispersed, however a large contingent remained for a couple of hours after the game concluded. A late-night barbecue did a roaring trade in addition to the bars, although pizza deliveries were seen arriving during the evening.

The bars seemed to cope quite well despite the crowds, having prepared to be over-run during the evening, particularly if the game finished in victory for England. For the most part, however, the orders seemed to be the same: beer, beer and more beer.

Earlier in the afternoon a helicopter sponsored by the News of the World was seen flying around the centre of London carrying a sign saying"Come on England".

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