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Spanner and Bolt Declared Violate!

Mar 06 2000 20:24
The C&GCU restarts the tradition of "borrowing" other college's mascots for charity.
Spanner and Bolt - under threat in the name of charity

Last week C&GCU declared two of its mascots - Spanner and Bolt - violate, thereby restarting a game that has been played by the college since its very earliest days.

Mascotry was stopped about five years ago, but with the agreement of the Vice - President it has been cautiously restarted.

The idea behind Mascotry is to violate or borrow (read 'steal') another college's mascot and then ransom it back for charity, whilst at the same time stopping other colleges from stealing your own mascot(s).

Once upon a time most of the London Colleges had violate mascots (i.e. stealable). Unfortunately over the years this number has decreased, but is now set to start to rise again.

In Guilds we have four mascots, two now violate and two inviolate. The two inviolate mascots are Bo and Derrick.

Originally Bo was our violate mascot but he is now coming up to his 100th birthday and so is getting a little delicate. So a new mascot was made - SPANNER, which, after a few years, was also joined by BOLT.

Spanner is a large brass spanner (funny?) and bolt is actually a steel shackle with a chrome bolt passing through it. Since the object of the game is for other colleges to try to nick them, they were made to be a little bigger than normal, so spanner is 4ft long and weighs in at 64lbs (about 33kg) and bolt is a foot long and weighs 68lbs.

Other College's mascots have been regularly appropriated over the years and range from concrete lions to Theta - the RCS mascot - which is a 7ft long steel stick (they are scientists after all!)

The timing of this decision comes nicely before Theta's 25th birthday. Since they are our main rivals it would be unfortunate for it to have to be thrown in the Round Pond (Kensington Gardens) for its birthday.

The task of looking after Spanner and Bolt and all other things Mascotry related falls upon the capable shoulders of the VP, who ensures that they make it to all the Union events.

However this job cannot be done alone, so the Guilds Mascotry team aka "The Wooden Horse Organisation" are always on hand to ensure that things run smoothly. They are a team of highly trained individuals (honest!!), who attempt to liberate other mascots. They also are on hand to ensure that our own are secure.

The emphasis of Mascotry is upon stealth and ingenuity, rather than brute force, to relieve the owners of their loved ones (mascots). Above all its meant to be fun and occasionally raise a modest amount for charity.

If you fancy yourself as a budding kleptomaniac then contact the VP, or e-mail .

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