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CGCU Election Farce Continues...

Nov 07 2007 09:40
William the Conquerer
The Guilds elections closed a week ago, but there are still no results announced in possibly the most farcical election of recent times.
Just to double check that Guilds Elections haven't been added to the definition

Over a week ago Live! reported on the complete lack of advertisement of CGCU elections. Held at the same time as ICU council elections, the Guilds elections looked to fill positions not only in the individual Departmental Societies, but also the central CGCU, notably the key positions of Honorary Secretary and Sports Officer - candidates for which were uncontested.

Students and candidates never received notification of the elections or their start after nominations closed, meaning that all candidates ran with no manifestos. Some more resourceful Departmental Societies took the initiative, collecting manifestos off of candidates and forwarding them to the student body - a far from ideal situation and a very poor situation for those positions that were contested.

With voting closing a week ago, students never received notification from Guilds' Returning Officer, and President, Tris Sherliker of either the start or end of voting. The ICU elections that ran alongside the faculty union elections have already announced results.

With the ICU elections running on the same computer system at the same time as their CGCU counterparts it is hard to understand why the Guilds weren't announced five days ago when the ICU results were. It is thought that results have been revealed to Departmental Societies and those candidates running for CGCU positions although Live! is still to receive confirmation whether the turn out was poor, or downright dreadful.

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Discussion about “CGCU Election Farce Continues...”

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1. Hmmm   
Nov 07 2007 12:32

With Tristan completely failing to accept the RSM as being part o fhis FU and their welfare as his responsibility and then failing completely in running a simple election, is it time to consider whether or not he is the right man for the job?

Nov 07 2007 13:06

Isn't it easy to criticise?? Perhaps Humm, you should run for the job if you think being president is easy and that you are capable of doing the job. Or perhaps is it time to consider whether or not you are the right man for taking on the job?

Nov 07 2007 13:26

Nobody said it would be easy, but people should know what they are expected to do when they are elected. But isn't Live! all about criticisism of people anonymously? I am sure that Tristan reads Live!, maybe he should be given a chance to tell his side?

Nov 07 2007 13:38

Very good point.

I'd like to see what the president of Guilds has to say on the matter...

Nov 07 2007 17:00

is it possible that candidates not being allowed to submit a manifesto is unconstitutional?

6. Hmmm   
Nov 07 2007 20:38

To @ Humm,

perhaps I can't run for the job, not only guildsmen read live you know...

Nov 08 2007 15:33

In response to the initial comment by Hmmm, the materials deprep failed to turn up to the first TSAC meeting this year and has made no effort to reply to any emails sent to them, and after speaking with several RSM members they seem to not only believe that they are not part of CGCU but they actively protest against even being considered as part of it.

Nov 08 2007 17:31

Yes but the several members of the RSM aren't the ones who were elected CGCU president with a responsibilty to represent all their members...

If neither side are happy with the arrangement it would seem a good idea to try and find a solution that suits both sides, but that would mean somebody would have to listen to what actual students want and make a descion based on that... any takers?

Nov 09 2007 00:37

is cgcu is really supposed to care for rsm, perhaps the rsm president shouldnt go round removing guilds wristbands from mining first years, which give the free bar nights

Nov 09 2007 01:00

Well, I think that the CGCU exec has made it quite clear in the past that they dislike the miners. This is worrying in many ways in particular in terms of representation and such. I wonder if anyone feels that the FU status should be restored to RSM? They clearly know their students well and this year have managed to counter-act CGCU?s bias towards them. A lot of this has to do with the RSM exec that genuinely seems to care about the students within RSM. On the other hand it seems that the CGCU doesn?t even feel that their students deserve to vote. It?s all very strange.

Nov 09 2007 01:34

I'm getting a bit sick of the bickering between Guilds & Mines (and the RCSU). It's fine when its all a bit of fun but I just find it pathetic now.

Mines - there's no great conspiracy in Guilds against you, people are just sick of the scowling miserable attitude. Even at the bar night (which your freshers seemed to be banned from going to) you were sitting scowling in a corner. Tristan can be inept at communicating with people, such that they get the urge to punch him in the face. I believe it's the result of going to Eton. Get over it and start talking.

The unhelpful attitude also hurts students in Materials and ESE through the alumni associations. While the CGCA are happy to extend their awards to the "mining" departments in engineering, there seems to be reluctance on the RSM(A) side.

Childish bickering.

P.S. I doubt many, if any, of the current "RSM" even had GCSEs when the RSM was abolished by Richard Sykes...

12. Pundit   
Nov 09 2007 10:07

Couldn't agree more ashley!

"...feels that FU status should be restored to the RSM..."

Nutter. FU's are set up on college faculty lines, which is fine until you become a PG, and find two gradute schools and three FU's, but never mind. To change RSMCSC back into an FU you would need to turn RSM into a faculty, which, happily, ain't going to happen.

Glad to see that Tristan has got the sense not to post up here.

Nov 09 2007 10:51

Pundit - its worse than that. We have two graduate schools and *HAD* 4 FUs, with one graduate school for two faculties. That sort of made sense. Then they screwed it up, meaning the RCSU has to have a life sci and phys sci research rep, one for each GS.

Not that the RCSU has either research rep at the moment...

14. Hmmm   
Nov 12 2007 15:52

Ashley I can't believe that you think I'm "Hang on"! For a start I'd be talking to myself most of the time, okay that's probably not that unusual, but I wouldn't be constantly writing about how great the RSM exec were...

And just for the record any RSM freshers who would like to attend the CGCU barnight are welcome to, they all received an email from the RSM president encouraging them to do so.

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