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Guilds Take to the City Streets

Nov 12 2007 20:45
Ashley Brown
The annual Guilds trip to the Lord Mayor's Show went smoothly, despite being arranged at the last minute.
The float was sponsored by BP

This year's Guilds entry for The Lord Mayor's Show returned to previous form, being arranged at the very last minute and constructed overnight. The previous couple of years had seen construction begin over a month in advance of the show, however this year's team opted for a greater challenge.

Led by newly-elected Honorary Secretary Edward Judge, the team secured sponsorship from BP a few weeks ago and began construction with just four days to go before the show. A sporty theme was chosen, with a large football boot kicking footballs towards a goal. A hand-operated pulley system returned the ball to the boot, ready to go round again.

After working all through the cold night the finished contraption was ready to be lifted onto the lorry when it arrived on the morning of the show, arriving in the City of London precisely on time. The CGCU motorised mascot Boanerges also took pride of place on the lorry after his mostly successful London to Brighton run last weekend. The destruction of a valve on the way out of London saw Bo' pushed down Exhibition Road at 7am in preparation for loading onto the lorry, while a gaggle of police looked on in amusement.

Jez carried flowers

The RCSU motorised mascot, Jezebel, joined Guilds to show that the faculties can in fact work together (if you ignore the fact that most of RCS Motor Club are Guilds). Jez also suffered wear and tear on the way to Brighton, only making the LMS thanks to three long nights of repairs, accompanied by fine cuisine whipped up in the garage. Jez also carried two bunches of flowers in memory of the firefighters who perished in Warwickshire last week.

The BBC managed to get the commentary right for once, describing how City & Guilds College, the Royal College of Science and the Royal School of Mines merged to form Imperial College.

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Discussion about “Guilds Take to the City Streets”

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Nov 13 2007 20:17

Is that the piece of poo i saw by the security lodge?

2. ps   
Nov 13 2007 20:18


Nov 13 2007 22:28

Sounds nice but where was Spanner?

4. Ant   
Nov 14 2007 23:41

Good to see that Guilds carried on their subtle 'recycling' theme again this year ;-)

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