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Over 100 Drink the Bar Dry

Nov 16 2007 12:52
Andrew Holland
Over 100 students - many from the RSM - drank the beer dry at last night's CGCU bar night, with the free alcohol vanishing in just an hour.
Before the madness ensued

Last night's CGCU bar night descended into chaos as the RSM completely took over the Union Bar. Most of the Guilds executive committee left the union early, once the beer at run out at 8pm. Spanner was missing from the event, however, RSM members were quoted as saying "We know where it is, and we will have it within two days."

The free drink ran out quite early in the evening, but the drunkenness continued long into the night, with chants and songs being started by both the RSM and CGCU factions. The RSM were in fine voice, and anybody who might have suggested that they were weakening would have been proved wrong last night. The banter was mainly good natured, but threatened to spill over into outright hostility at some points, with empty (plastic) pint glasses being thrown at each other. Lacking overall leadership, the small group of brave engineers were reduced to yelling a badly timed Boomalaka at the RSM, which was shouted down. Thankfully, outright killing of rival factions was averted. An attendee was asked about what they thought: "It's very?? wooooooo!!!" before collapsing and being held up by a group of friends.

Some members of CGCU described some of the RSM as being "animals" with glasses being thrown at people trying to have a quiet drink, although it was pointed out that only a very small minority were behaving inappropriately. Rumours abounded that the RSM president stole a load of wristbands from the Guilds office, and was giving them out to any miners, rather than just freshers. However, given the amount of alcohol being consumed, this is hardly unsurprising. Overall, it was a fun night, which has to be said, belonged to the RSM.

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Discussion about “Over 100 Drink the Bar Dry”

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Nov 16 2007 12:59

Another poor show from CGCU - Exec leaving early? No mascot present? They're no better than last year - good on the RSM for showing them up!

Nov 16 2007 13:19

Clearly you are not a hack. Else you would know that RSM is part of CGCU. At least for now!

Nov 16 2007 13:50

Well of course spanner didn?t come out, the C&G exec didn?t even take it out to the lord mayor?s show. What I find strange is that they left so early. Surly they enjoy their own events? Then again RSM where there and saved the day for CGCU (as a whole). As for mascotry, remember C&G did there bit over summer for fear of the wrath of the other faculty unions who for obvious reasons would have been in fewer numbers over the summer holiday. Now there back CGCU seem to have strategically turn their trousers into temporary latrines.

Nov 16 2007 13:53

Apologise for the grammar rushing to lectures, ?their bit? and ?now they?re?

Nov 16 2007 14:01

Very sorry I wasn't able to bring the Spanner, I was taking beginners skiing!! Been in the diary for ages.

Don't worry mascotry isn't dead quite yet, not if i've got anything to do with it.

6. RSMU   
Nov 16 2007 15:09

At '@ rcs hack':

Can I self define myself as 'not CGCU'?

At 'Hang on':

I don't think RSM necessarily meant to 'save the day for CGCU'. It's more a case of while CGCU are going to do nothing else for us we might as well just drink all their beer.

Nov 16 2007 15:23

I totally agree with you RSMU, I think Guilds have been very harsh towards the RSM. I wonder if the spanner bearer realises that guilds are the last people involved in mascotry. If guilds had any nuts (excuse the awful pun) then they would steal the LSE/Kings mascot. Aside from that I have one quick question (for my personal knowledge), what is the maximum stated safe capacity of the union bar?

Nov 16 2007 16:57

Re: '@ rcs hack' Yes i know ESE is part of the FoE, but that RSMCSC and CGCU like to see themselves as separate entities.

Re:'Spanner Bearer' Fair enough you were away, but why didn't someone else take Spanner? That's always been CGCUs problem, they'll never help each other out - or communicate well enough to get things done. RCSU brought out Theta to every bar night last year - with or without Theta Bearers!

I'm glad to see you wish to keep mascotry alive - trust me you are not alone and nor is CGCU.

Nov 16 2007 16:58

in my day the we operated a safe capacity of 80 ppl, the actual fire capacity (legal) is combnied with dvs as they share fire exits, this has probaly increased if the patio doors are defined as fire exits.

generally a blind eye was turned to exceeding 80ppl in the union bar in cases where dvs was quiet as is usually the case for bar nights, it being safer to allow free movement than to have queues forming in the small area between the two

Nov 16 2007 17:42

there was a member of the union staff on the door when things started to get extra crowded and they were happy with the numbers. had it gotten even busier then they would have started to make people queue.

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