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Election Results.....At Last

Nov 28 2007 11:32
Charlie Chalk
Live! has finally got its hands on the results for the CGCU elections farce that closed almost a month ago.
The new CGCU Honorary Secretary - Ed Judge

As Live! reported almost a month ago, the CGCU elections managed to sneak past most of the students in the faculty and even the candidates with no opportunity to submit manifestos to the online system and no advertisement of the elections. Of the two departments that were looking to fill remaining positions, Civil and Environmental Engineering had their dep socs collect and distribute manifestos while Mechanical Engineering missed the boat, something all too clear in the results.

CGCU Executive

There were three positions to left to fill on the CGCU Exec and luckily all three candidates beat off RON successfully. Here are the results:

Honorary Secretary

  • Edward Judge - 55 votes
  • Re-Open Nominations - 42 votes
  • Valid Votes Cast - 97 votes

RAG Coordinator

  • Thomas Griffith - 51 votes
  • Re-Open Nominations - 39 votes
  • Valid Votes Cast - 90 votes

Sport Officer

  • Richard Parasram - 52 votes
  • Re-Open Nominations - 39 votes
  • Valid Votes Cast - 91 votes


Publicity Officer

  • Douglas White - 27 votes
  • Thomas Brodrick - 12 votes
  • Henry Painter - 2 votes
  • Re-Open Nominations - 2 votes
  • Valid Votes Cast - 43 votes


  • Nikhil Sehmi - 31 votes
  • Re-Open Nominations - 6 votes
  • Valid Votes Cast - 37 votes


Honorary Secretary

  • Edward Spofforth-Jones - 5 votes
  • Re-Open Nomindations - 2 votes
  • Valid Votes Cast - 7 votes
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Discussion about “Election Results.....At Last”

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1. spoff   
Nov 28 2007 11:34

Spofforth-Jones deserved to win just because he has a fantastic name...

Nov 29 2007 09:43

I see RON is a popular guy, three people beat him off, successfully no less!

Dec 04 2007 19:53

only just though!

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