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Southside Still a Shambles

Nov 29 2007 17:53
Ashley Brown
On Thursday lunchtime "stoic news" revealed that Southside is still a shambles, nine weeks after its first opening date.
One of the Southside bathrooms on 28 September 2007; take a look at the video about 1:05 in

Live! revealed in September that Southside was still not finished five hours before students were due to move in. This week Daniel Wan from stoic news visited Southside to speak to residents.

From 8am until 6pm it's just continuous noise. Why should I be paying £156 per week to not be able to sleep in my room when I want to?
Trishna, South Resident

In the November 29th edition of stoic tv's current affairs programme Wan revealed that numerous problems are still evident, with contractors on site and internal fixtures in some rooms of poor quality or badly fitted. Residents received a 25% discount on their first four weeks rent following the teething problems experienced when the building opened, however five weeks after this discount ceased the problems are still ongoing.

Demolition work has also been affecting the residents: ironically, it affects those without portacabins outside more than those with. The portacabins have been blocking the noise from the Linstead demolition site, while those without portacabins are left with the full brunt of the work taking place outside their windows. Students with portacabins outside have received a discount due to the decrease in natural light to their rooms, but those without are not so lucky. The demolition has also caused Southside's windows to become dirtier than normal, with students asking for them to be cleaned more frequently than twice a year.

Some of the problems shown in Wan's report have existed since the very start of term and were identified during the late night inventory process before the building opened. Around one minute into the report below you will see three problems highlighted, with the missing toilet seat and incorrectly fitted door-closing device both having been reported in September.

With the exception of the dirty windows, none of these problems were raised at the recent Halls Committee, which saw over 40 students - including "hall seniors" - meet with the Deputy President (Education & Welfare) Kirsty Patterson. However, the meeting highlighted a number of other concerns, in particular relating to the new laundry services. As well as faults not being repaired at the weekend, the drying cycle is also seen as too short, requiring students to spend £1 for double the time when they only needed an extra 10 minutes.

Director of Commercial Services Paddy Jackman was unavailable for comment.

You can view Daniel Wan's report below, or watch the full news bulletin on the stoic tv website.

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View the Southside report from stoic news, by Daniel Wan
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Discussion about “Southside Still a Shambles”

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Nov 30 2007 00:02

Having to pay premium prices for living quarters which are currently far from top notch isn't fair - Southside residents are paying almost 4 times as much as other students for their accommodation. Hopefully Dan's report will motivate someone high up to fix the so called "teething problems" in Southside at a quicker pace than is currently being demonstrated. Maybe by this time next year, all Southsiders will have a toilet seat of their own. Or would that be too optimistic?

Nov 30 2007 02:58

I'm at Wilson House, a much older building. When I arrived there wasn't any hot water for over six weeks. Despite kicking up a fuss, I have received no offer of a discount. Southsiders - think yourself lucky!!

Nov 30 2007 09:14

i heard that hot water is a problem for some people at piccadilly court at the moment, by problem I mean without it for several days

Nov 30 2007 13:34

"From 8am until 6pm it's just continuous noise."

Boohoo, it was just as bad, if not worse, in Linstead when the old Southside was being ripped down. At least the new Southside halls don't have cookers which can be found in the Science museum or a building that sways in the wind!

Nov 30 2007 17:17

Sophia: I don't know of any decent accommodation available for ?39/week (Southside single en suite rent/4)...!

"With the exception of the dirty windows, none of these problems were raised at the recent Halls Committee"

From what I gathered the meeting was more about discussing general problems which affect all/many halls (and which college was not aware of) than pointing out issues with specific halls (although this did happen a few times). In this case I suspect residences already knows about the remaining issues in Southside.

"As well as faults not being repaired at the weekend, the drying cycle is also seen as too short, requiring students to spend ?1 for double the time when they only needed an extra 10 minutes."

In case anyone's interested, the exact complaint about the drying cost is that you have to pay for 50 minute increments (costing ?0.50 each) even though the machines can accept ?0.10 coins (and could therefore charge in 10 minute increments).

Nov 30 2007 19:55

im dans mate, and id just like to say, yer watever to the halls, you should see mine, we dnt even hav toilets, but anyway. can i just say how gimp and emo he looks at the end, what a t**t

Dec 02 2007 22:13

We need to take some action.

Dec 03 2007 10:21

The standard of english on this board has taken a complete dive.

What do you suggest?

Dec 03 2007 10:23

Not letting people at other universities post might be a good start...

Dec 04 2007 19:52

ear plugs?

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