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Beit Phase 2 Approved

Dec 12 2007 11:31
Ashley Brown
The second phase of the Beit masterplan was approved yesterday, with work set to start in March 2008.
Yep, it's this picture again

College has approved Phase 2 of the Beit redevelopment project, contributing a total of £1.93m to the project. Part of this is money left over from Phase 1, which came in under budget. The Union will be picking up the rest of the £3.3m cost, of which £800k has come from the Harlington and IC Trusts. £196k will be committed from the Union reserve funds, however the project includes a pot of contingency money in the case of over-runs.

Phase 2 will see changes to student activities provision, adding a mezzanine level to the gym to house a new student activities centre. Meeting rooms will move to the East Wing basement, while the existing rooms at the top of the building will be converted into a replacement gym. The space under the mezzanine level was originally destined to become a replacement games room, however it now looks likely to remain empty to provide space flexibility when the next phase goes ahead.

Building services will also be improved as part of this phase, with the electrical wiring in particular in urgent need of complete replacement. As detailed in Monday?s environmental paper to Council, the second phase will also see a number of energy saving improvements including improved insulation, better lighting controls, an improved building management system and additional double glazing.

Work is expected to start towards the end of the spring term, with work completed in early 2009.

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Discussion about “Beit Phase 2 Approved”

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Dec 12 2007 15:14


Dec 12 2007 20:46

Brilliant news!

Congratulations to the Sabb team for steering this through the final stages of the College's planning process.

Dec 12 2007 22:22

Good to see that selling out to college has had such a positive effect. From the people that bought you the "Great Glass Elevator" for ?1m, comes a group of people who bring you the swap a few things around for ?3.3m

Meeting rooms in the East Basement - sounds very similar to when they opened in 2001 (or am I just too cynical...)

Jan 04 2008 12:41

why is money being put into a gym if ethos was just built?

Jan 04 2008 12:48

because Ethos gym - costs a lot of money for clubs to hire which most cannot afford (about ?45 per hour). Whereas the gym in the students union is free to all Union clubs.

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