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Marquee Vanishes

Dec 23 2007 19:07
Ashley Brown
The marquee blighting the Queen's Lawn for nearly eight months has finally gone, over a week after planning permission for its presence expired.
The grass is, as expected, completely dead

The Queen's Lawn mud patch can once again see the light of day, as the huge Centenary marquee has finally come down. The marquee, which was erected barely a year after plans to place portacabins on the lawn caused uproar, has hosted a number of Centenary events during the year.

The well worn and probably toxic blue carpets ended up in the skip

External events have also occupied the structure, complete with red carpets being rolled out as money has rolled in. Despite the red carpets being out at during the year, the only ones visible as the marquee came down were blue ones, all going straight into a skip.

An application for planning permission tipped off Live! to the portacabin plans, but the eight month stay of this year's marquee managed to slip under the radar: not only was the marquee erected before planning permission had been sought, it has also outstayed its welcome, with permission only granted up to the 15th December.

Those hoping to enjoy the grass in the summer may find themselves in for a shock - although the areas lacking grass are set to be re-turfed, another marquee will arrive in May for the postgraduate commemoration day.

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Discussion about “Marquee Vanishes”

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Dec 24 2007 14:04

It is finally gone!!!!!!

We freshers can finally see how Imperial really looks like! (after being here for the whole term!)

Dec 26 2007 23:53

expect to see some of that blue carpet coming to an Imperial location near you! Such a waste to bin it all...

Dec 27 2007 00:07

the skip is just a cunning ruse, the plan is to spray the carpet green, call it grass and hope no-one notices before the new marquee goes up.

Dec 27 2007 20:25

Can we stop college getting planning permission for the replacement one in may?

I don't trust them to take it down anymore.

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