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Teaching at Wye to End

Jan 13 2008 22:18
The Dark Knight
Teaching at the Wye campus is set to be scrapped, following poor take up of the new joint courses with Kent.
Wye College: soon to become a Tesco?

The Wye campus is to cease its teaching activities by 30th September 2009. Take-up of the revised Applied Business Management course, run by the University of Kent but using Imperial's facilities, has been nothing short of disastrous.

The College is discussing the implications of the decision with its staff and students at Wye. During the next 18 months, the College will seek to identify the opportunities for activities which would fit well at the campus.
Imperial College statement

The number of freshers arriving at Wye this year barely hit double figures, with subsequent drop outs meaning there is hardly anyone on the new Kent course at all. Indeed, Live!'s initial investigations show just five students registered on College's computer systems. Agricultural courses were removed from Wye in 2004, leaving the campus with just Applied Business Management. With many students under the mistaken impression that they would be studying in South Kensington, this course still attracted reasonable numbers, heading for triple figures each year. For 2007 teaching was transferred to the University of Kent, with graduates being awarded a Kent degree and an "Associateship of Wye College".

Faced with a potential student body of less than fifty across the whole campus within the next few years, College will finally wind down teaching - including postgraduate courses - after a slow and lingering death since its take-over in 2000. Any Kent students who have still not completed their courses by 30th September 2009 are likely to move to Kent's Canterbury campus, where Applied Business Management will still be taught.

Plans to turn Wye into a thriving research park were scrapped in 2006 in the face of strong local objections.

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Discussion about “Teaching at Wye to End”

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Jan 14 2008 12:38

Hands up anyone surprised by this...

"During the next 18 months, the College will seek to identify the opportunities for activities which would fit well at the campus."

A whole 18 months to debate the relative profitability of housing or a golf course?

"thriving science park"

...housing or a golf course?

Jan 16 2008 10:46

Science Park would have done much good to the college, in both reputation and finance.

Since some people didn't see the benefits of the above plan, only the problems, perhaps it is time to turn Wye back into its best and original form - a village = housing development! Surely the RESIDENTS can't complaint about turning a village into a ?bigger? village? Or can they?

Jan 16 2008 14:17

Yes, the classic mistake of assuming the science park was actually going to happen, rather than just being there on paper as justification for the 'enabling' development.

Show me a village anywhere that thinks making it ten times the size, by covering all the surrounding green space with housing far beyond what the local infrastructure can cope with and far beyond the limits of village-level social cohesion, would be an "improvement". Nope- just town-planners, living in towns, thinking everyone wants to. And money-grabbing land-owners finding justification for whatever would make them the fastest buck. A housing development does not equal a village, whatever the planners might like to claim.

Not to mention that the "original and best" Medieval village grew up around... now let me think... an ecclesiastical COLLEGE! Then a bit of a gap, but were you there in the 1880s to be able to state that it was actually better before the S.E.A.C. opened?

And of course that making things better for the villagers was never an aim for Imperial, just pillaging their resource for whatever they could get- but as everyone else here is a London IC student, i.e. seeing themselves as set to share in the profit, and seeing any other HE institution in the country as far inferior to themselves and hence no loss to anyone, I wouldn't expect any sympathy to these views here.

Jan 16 2008 17:05

"... just town-planners, living in towns, thinking everyone wants to"... hence Ex-Wye, is an ex-Wye.

Or am I wrong to assume that, perhaps you are still a Wye resident?

Assumption: Ex-Wye is NOT a "money-grabbing" person making "the fastest buck"

Jan 16 2008 17:16

I don't think anyone assumed that the college will be able to set up the science park. If they did, it would only be sensible to consider that the college did think about the local infrastructure, in short, medium and long term.

Of course the development can't be 10 times the size of the current community, but London didn't come from nowhere either.

"The classic mistake of assuming the science park" was "just being there on paper as justification for the 'enabling' development", rather than an opportunity to generate the much needed cash for the college to benefit all students, London or Wye. Understandably, there are issues with the local residents, but which group should the college have the most responsibility for?

Jan 17 2008 09:17

Can't help but feel it would have been better all along if Wye hadn't had defaulted on that loan...

7. Shame   
Jan 17 2008 13:05

poor wye, its a shame imperial couldn't have kept it on. even though half the students there thought they were applying to imperial london

Feb 07 2008 22:57

since the year 2000 i think that the intentions of imperial collage was to get ride of all staff and all teaching at wye. as of september 2009 thay would of completed the plan of shutting the collage

p.s never trust imperal collage

Feb 07 2008 23:33

And never trust people who cannot spell correctly. Are the people of Wye illiterate? Maybe the campus should become a further education college to teach the locals the English language?

Feb 11 2008 15:37

a panel of three has now been set up to look into what is to happen to Wye next. I thought there was a convenant that said that Wye had to stay academic even if Imperial does not want to do it.

Feb 11 2008 15:51

A what?

12. Ex-Wye   
Feb 11 2008 16:22

The covenant / Merger Act says the assets must be used for purposes as close as possible to those originally intended.

Imperial are probably getting a team of lawyers to work out if they can argue that stripping the assets to pay for 'academic activity' (i.e. shiny new buildings) in London counts.

Feb 13 2008 13:24

"pay for 'academic activity' in London" What a great idea! One good way to benefit all the students of IMPERIAL COLLEGE!

14. Ex-wye   
Feb 13 2008 18:09

But probably not what benefactors had in mind when giving funds/assets to WYE COLLEGE. These are pre-merger assets, given to Wye when "all students of Imperial College" had nothing to do with it. Just because you want it doesn't make it yours.

Feb 14 2008 12:50

So what is the Wye community going to do now? Are they gearing up to fight again?

Feb 14 2008 13:03

It looks like their local council has a plan ... to build lots of houses and expand the village.

Feb 09 2009 23:06

As an ex Wye Business Student (1996 - 2001) I am sad to see such a massive decline in what was the hub of the village. It was a fab Uni to go to, the people and history were excellent. A great great shame.

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