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Science Challenge 2008 Launched

Jan 24 2008 13:26
Andrew Holland
The 2008 Science Challenge was launched on Tuesday with a presentation by Sir Richard Sykes.
The 2008 launch event

The RCSU Science Challenge 2008 was launched on Tuesday night, with a packed lecture theatre and 79 schools logging in remotely to view the presentation. The essay questions that were announced represent a wide range of science topics, reflecting the broad range of subjects taught at Imperial. The questions are:

  • Dr Phillip Campbell (Nature): Should healthy people take drugs to enhance their cognitive abilities?
  • Sir Brian Hoskins (Grantham Institute): To what extent is geoengineering the solution to the climate change problem?
  • Dr Paul Snaith (Shell): Satisfying the world's spiralling energy demands whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions presents today's scientists with a seemingly impossible task. Discuss.
  • Sir Richard Sykes (Imperial): How would knowledge of my genetic makeup affect my lifestyle?
  • Professor Lord Robert Winston (Imperial): Ever since early humans invented the handaxe, technology has increased the potential to destroy mankind. Are we sowing the seeds of our own destruction?

The individual judges will be presenting seminars on the essay titles that they have chosen, and are recommended if you plan to enter. All the details of the seminars, and how to enter the competition can be found on the RCSU Science Challenge website.

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Discussion about “Science Challenge 2008 Launched”

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Jan 24 2008 23:17

Update - Actually we found that our origional estimate was conservative. 119 not 80 schools viewed the competition through our online feed.

Don't miss our next judge's seminar next Tuesday 6:30PM LT 220. Sir Brian is an excellent speaker and he will be presenting his question - To what extent is geoengineering the solution to the climate change problem?

2. Jane   
Feb 13 2008 17:16

Hi there,

Is there any where i can see these presntations?


Mar 10 2008 23:11

Hi, sorry this is late, but all the presentation are viewable on our website

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