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GSA Elections Finish Without Farce

Feb 06 2008 22:26
Ashley Brown
The Graduate Students' Association now has a Chair and Treasurer, in what turned out to be a low-key but close election.
Kilian Frensch, the new GSA Chair (and old hack from the PhysSci days)

Voting in the GSA's low key election finished yesterday, with around 130 of Imperial's 5,000 postgraduates voting. After a farcical start to the year these elections went by without a hitch and had a similar turnout to those held over the summer.

The position of GSA Chair was contested only by Kilian Frensch and RON, with Frensch taking 111 votes to RON's 19. The vote for GSA Treasurer was more interesting, with the results shown below:

  • Yinka Bisiriyu - 101 (second round) ELECTED
  • Joanna Kenner - 97 (second round)
  • Sam Patankar - 14 (first round)
  • New Election< - 5 (first round)

Yinka Bisiriyu was elected with just four votes in it.

There is no GSA secretary, however the new member of staff to support the GSA has been appointed, so things are looking up.

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Discussion about “GSA Elections Finish Without Farce”

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Feb 07 2008 23:07

Congrats Killian - you showed that Ron guy who's boss. Best of luck for the year.

Feb 08 2008 12:31

Are PGs actually going to be informed of these election results any time!?

Feb 08 2008 13:05

I believe they are given quite extensive coverage in the latest issue of Felix.

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