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Recycling Goes Up a Gear

Feb 19 2008 10:37
Ashley Brown
Multi-coloured bins, potato food containers and a host of events: it must be Green Week!
And before you ask, it didn't take long for people to start swapping the lids over either...

The London-wide Students Go Green Week is taking place this week, with the support of People & Planet and the Mayor of London (who isn't taking every opportunity to promote himself, honest).

College has shown support by rolling out the next phase of its recycling scheme, with sets of three coloured plastic bins all around College. The bins started rolling out last month, but now should be in every department. People in the Guilds office identified a potential flaw last month, wondering how long it would take for people to swap the bin lids over. It turns out the answer was not long...

In the Union, takeaway packaging and cutlery made from potato starch has been introduced, making the utensils more appetising than some of the food. Union catering is now able to stick to the environmental policy whilst still retaining a takeaway service (and worrying less about people in Beit stealing cutlery and plates).

A series of events is planned around London, with something at Imperial every day.

Tuesday sees the talk "Poisoned by Agribusiness", in the Blackett LT1 from 6-8pm, with a film about the destructive effects of man-made chemicals and talk on agriculture chemicals working their way up the food chain. Wednesday sees a discussion on climate change with Professor Ralph Toumi of Imperial College and Lucy Pearce from Stop Climate Chaos, in Sherfield's Pippard Lecture Theatre from 12:30pm-1:30pm.

The Great Hall hosts a Green Fayre on Thursday from 12pm-2pm, with assorted green-related stalls, including the Whole Foods Market and the college recycling scheme. A talk on Biofuels ends the week on Friday, with Jeremy Woods and Richard Murphy from Chemistry discussing an area often put forward as a solution to some of our problems. Join them in Mech Eng Lecture Theatre 220 from 12:30pm to 13:30pm.

The Union will be burning hydrocarbons until late on Friday, with the Green Week Finale taking place from 8pm-2am, promising DJs, live musicians and an Ethical Fashion Show in aid of Friends of the Earth. No doubt several kilowatts of lighting and sound system will be in use, so you'd better come along to decrease the carbon footprint of the people who are going already.

The Live! events calendar has all the green week events and more: remember you can add your own events just by logging in!

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Discussion about “Recycling Goes Up a Gear”

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Feb 19 2008 19:33

its fun to put the bin lids on ur head and arms and pretend to be a spaceman...

2. Esoc   
Feb 19 2008 21:11

Thursday's event is looking to be great- Whole Foods Market are coming along to cook seasonal, locally-sourced dishes for students to sample. There will be a different dish every 15 minutes so come along and have a taste! Estates will also be launching their new recycling scheme, with other stalls spreading the word about companies green credentials.

3. Lids   
Feb 19 2008 23:10

Given the fact that the bin lids & bags are colour coded, it's not particularly difficult to notice that the lids have been switched around...

Feb 20 2008 10:36

...except when the old style bins are still about - where green was (and indeed still is) paper.

Feb 20 2008 13:43

The black bins are missing for all the c**p that cant be recycled. Otherwise people just put general waste in a random recycling bin!

Feb 22 2008 11:48

I'd like to know if the bins are made from recycled material and if they too are able to be recycled?

Feb 23 2008 19:57

German recycling fetishist:

Estates have now realised that they need a bin for "all the c**p that can't be recycled". Look out for the new black landfill bins complete with hazardous signage. They're expected in the next couple of weeks.

PhD'er with old style recyling bin:

The old bins are supposed to have disappeared! Let Estates know the location of them so they can take them away! E-mail n.dent at with the details.

There are also still a few buildings awaiting their new colour coordinated bins. I believe they have a new shipment coming in this week :-)

Feb 26 2008 11:10

Information back from College:

  • Some recycled materials are used to make the bins, more info on that soon
  • From next month the red and green sacks will be biodegradable
  • The blue sacks are re-usable
Feb 29 2008 10:20

OK, more info: it turns the bins aren't made from recycled material, but can be recycled.

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