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Huge Turnout for All Positions

Feb 27 2008 14:12
The Dark Knight
This year's sabbatical elections have shown a huge rise in turnout, with the number of people voting among the highest in memory.
Over 2,000 votes in an uncontested election - but which way will it go?

A huge number of people voted in this year's sabbatical elections - at least by Imperial standards - with 2,474 individuals casting votes in the Presidential race. A total of 14,872 votes were cast overall, with the most competitive elections attracting the highest turnouts.

In the race for Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) 2,182 votes were cast, no doubt helped by songs, busking and giant refreshers tubes. A surprising 2,079 votes were cast in the competition for Deputy President (Finance & Services), with only Christian Carter against RON. Given Carter's lack of campaigning and relative inexperience in Union hackery, the results may prove to be very interesting indeed. The two Felix candidates attracted 2,089 votes between themselves and RON, while the race for Deputy President (Education & Welfare) attracted 2,038.

NUS delegates have 2,031 votes to split between them, while the student trustees came in last place with 1,979 votes cast.

A total of 13,348 students were eligible to vote, giving a turnout of 18.5% in the Presidential election. In comparison, only 1,656 votes were cast for President last year, with Stephen Brown taking 705 in the final round of counting. John Collins won his election in 2006 with 968 votes out of 1,961 in the final round.

High turnout tends to favour those candidates who have been out campaigning hard and reduces the influence of 'hacks' on the process - anyone could still win!

The elections committee will consider outstanding complaints on tomorrow evening, with the candidates meeting following at 7pm.

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Discussion about “Huge Turnout for All Positions”

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Feb 27 2008 14:40


2. Ronny   
Feb 27 2008 14:42

If the RSM block vote there is no chance that Christian will be elected!

Feb 27 2008 14:51

By any chance was the RSM mailing list used again?

4. Ronny   
Feb 27 2008 15:22

Don't think so. I think the stealing of Davy might cost him a few votes!

5. Miner   
Feb 27 2008 15:40

Definately...... Carter would be useless as DPFS

No experience! RON all the way on this one!

RSM mailing list was not used.

6. Miner   
Feb 27 2008 16:17

So when will the results be announced?

If turnout was high in the RSM that might help Jon.

7. true   
Feb 27 2008 16:53

although certain people should not have used their respected influence within the RSM to sway voters

Feb 27 2008 20:58

Does anyone still have a copy of Christian Carter's Felix centrefold - I want one for my bedroom wall ;)

9. what   
Feb 27 2008 21:37

Like Jen Morgan didn't try to use her influence in the RCSU and Luke Taylor didn't try to use his influence in the ACC/Links/Rugby Club to sway voters? Get real!

Feb 27 2008 21:42

I think it was more the case of certain people within the RSM using their respected influence over Jon to make him promise to do the things they wanted changing that made the difference...

Feb 27 2008 22:27

Ok, Luke Taylor does have influence in those arenas but I doubt Jen can influnce all of the several thousand scientists in IC.

12. bah   
Feb 27 2008 23:44


13. Flower   
Feb 28 2008 09:23

Well, what's wrong with making RSMCSC into an FU?

With the new rector coming in shortly now is probably the only time (ever?) when the change can be made.

This is the second medic we'll have had. As an engineer that makes me feel left out. I want proof this is wrong - prove it by making RSMCSC back into the Royal School of Mines.

14. TLA   
Feb 28 2008 09:49

RSM = Rather S**t Miners

= Really Sad Morons

= Ridiculous Subject Materials

15. Flower   
Feb 28 2008 10:10

Be good if the RSM existed though wouldn't it?

That way your Really Sad p*** take would actually make sense...

16. Brenda   
Feb 28 2008 10:12

RSM are their own entity - - C&G are engineers

RSM need no status to be independant

Feb 28 2008 10:25

To make one small observation:

RSM are a CSC therefore they should run clubs and societies and little or nothing else.

At least one DPCS candidate in this years election said they wanted to centralise sports clubs to the ACC.

Other RSM clubs got moved away from the RSMCSC because it doesn't receive enough funding (RSM Motor Club and MatSoc as two examples).

Yet, RSMCSC run career events, buddy schemes (maybe not every year), formal dinners, liaise with the departments on most matters within the RSM etc etc.

The Departments already recognise the RSM Committee and works well with them. What is C&Gs problem with them having a little more independance and being recognised for the great work they do for students in the Departments? They are not a CSC in practice so what does a name change and maybe one more layer in the reporting structure matter?

18. Shhhhh   
Feb 28 2008 10:37

We've already worked out that council/Live! aren't going to be willing to listen to what we want to do.

Otherwise we'd have submitted the paper this year, we may do it in the summer, but I'd put money on less than 8 people voting in favour of the paper. It would just get blocked, too much effort.

Feb 28 2008 11:11

Shhhhh you seem to have gotton the wrong idea.

I speak for myself and a good few other guilds members when I say that we all support the RSM gaining their independence.

20. true   
Feb 28 2008 12:11

Shhhhh may have a point. My opinion is that the RSM want independence, but are scared/unwilling to actually talk to people on Council and in Guilds and actually get a plan written.

Or they're too busy having fun and getting drunk.

Either way, while it's a very good idea and needs to happen NOW - the miners are too lazy/ignorant to get it done!

21. well   
Feb 28 2008 12:20

I think that Jon has been rather er, clever, in not helping the RSM to take it to council already. I think he knows that, so long as RSM pulled a finger out and made all the neccessary changes, it would have been passed at council. I think the reason he hasn't was genius election propoganda giving him vote swaying power over some RSM members who think he's the only person capable of giving them what they want. Shame.

Feb 28 2008 12:37

Dear well,

I'm afraid you are a long way off the mark. I've already held meetings with the RSM President about how to bring about the resurrection of the RSMU as well as offering my help in structuring a paper, something I am already working on the first draft of in my spare time, and believe it to be very possible. There was no question of delaying it for election propaganda, just that I have not had time to put everything together yet.

I also think this is something we will need the Rector's support on to get it through College Council (it must pass there as well) and personally believe the new Rector would be more amenable to the plans than Sir Richard would be and so next year may be a far more propitious time to bring about this much needed change. This is, however, a personal view and I have offered my support to the RSM to bring it this year should they want so to do.

Feb 28 2008 12:47

Good luck with that one Jon. I hope that Live keeps an eye on the minutes of College Council to see how a student attempt to restructure the College goes down.

24. Miner   
Feb 28 2008 13:34

It is an attempt to restructure the Union not the College.

Seeing as it makes little or no difference to the College and just means one extra meeting for the RSM Dep Reps (and maybe the chance to have a welfare rep thrown in too) I see no reason why it would be opposed unless out of spite.

25. umm   
Feb 28 2008 13:35

Re: ludicrous It's not an attempt to restructure College, dimwit! It's simply giving Union status to the RSM CSC.

It's not about changing Faculty structure or anything that far reaching, simply changing the name and perhaps budget allocation of a group of clubs!

Feb 28 2008 13:39

Yes, it is nothing to do with restrucuring College, but it will mean (Union) constitutional changes which will have to be approved by College and it was a big enough fight to get them to allow us to use RCSU, CGCU and ICSMSU instead of FoNSSA, FoESA and FoMSA, there could easily be petty opposition to us resurrecting the RSMU.

27. lala   
Feb 28 2008 13:59

It could quite easily be passed by council and I think we would be able to have it approved by college.

28. so?   
Feb 28 2008 15:43

Will we get the results tonight after the final candidates meeting if everyone signs?

Feb 28 2008 21:58

Results will be announced in Da Vinci's at 7pm on Friday.

Danny McGuinness

Returning Officer.

30. WOW!!   
Feb 28 2008 22:50

an election that wasn't a farce!

Feb 28 2008 22:52

Don't count your chickens before they hatch...

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