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Sabbatical Election Results 2008

Feb 29 2008 19:10
Ashley Brown
Next year's sabbatical team has been announced, with Jennifer Morgan taking the role of President next year, along with Christian Carter, Hannah Theodorou, Lily Topham and Jovan Nedic.
The winners!
People piled in to da Vinci's to hear the result

The sabbatical election results were announced this evening in da Vinci's, with ICU becoming something of a matriarchy next year. With over 14,000 votes cast, Imperial students elected the following people to run the union next year:

  • President: Jennifer Morgan
  • DPFS: Christian Carter
  • DPCS: Lily Topham
  • DPEW: Hannah Theodorou
  • Felix Editor: Jovan Nedic

The ACC vote proved to be limp, with the huge turnout dwarfing most potential block votes. The faculties are well represented, with medics taking both DPCS and DPEW, engineers having DPFS and Felix Editor and the scientists taking the position of President. Those with a keen eye may have noticed that the gender balance is markedly different to previous years.



In the race for President, Jon Matthews was in the lead in the first and second rounds of single transferable vote, but lost ground as Re-open Nominations, Diogo Geraldes, Edward Hughes and Luke Taylor were eliminated. The final round results saw Jennifer Morgan beat Jon Matthews by 1011 votes to 821. Matthews was fifty votes ahead in the first round, the lack of transfers costing him the election.

Votes after transfers were as follows:

  1. Jennifer Morgan (1011, fifth round) ELECTED
  2. Jon Matthews (821, fifth round)
  3. Luke Taylor (500, fourth round)
  4. Ed Hughes (339, third round)
  5. Diogo Geraldes (276, second round)
  6. Re-open Nominations (133, first round)
Source of votes after transfers for the final two candidates (click to enlarge)

The accompanying graph shows how transfers affected the election, with first preference votes shown in blue and sources of transfers in other colours.

As can be seen, Jon Matthews received far fewer transfers at all stages than Jennifer Morgan, showing that STV can lead to interesting results! Ultimately, transfers from Ed Hughes and Luke Taylor were enough to overcome the initial first-preference lead.

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

In the race for DPCS, Lily Topham lead from the first round, with RON and John James being eliminated. Lily Topham won over Jess Marley by 986 to 783 after transfers.

Votes after transfers were as follows:

  1. Lily Topham (986, second round) ELECTED
  2. Jess Marley (783, second round)
  3. John James (447, first round)
  4. Re-open Nominations (116, first round)

Deputy President (Education & Welfare)

Hannah Theodorou won the race for DPEW in the first round, with almost double the number of votes as Ryan Dee, taking the position 1055 votes to 504.

Votes were as follows:

  1. Hannah Theodorou (1055) ELECTED
  2. Ryan Dee (504)
  3. Re-open Nominations (210)

Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Christian Carter took the position of DPFS easily, with over 1,000 votes. As expected with a single candidate, RON took a large number of votes, with Carter winning by 1155 to 596.

  1. Christian Carter (1155) ELECTED
  2. Re-open Nominations (596)

Felix Editor

Jov had much support for the crowd

Felix Editor was a much closer race, Jovan Nedic winning by 882 votes to Greg Mead's 804 in the second round.

Votes after transfers were as follows:

  1. Jovan Nedic (882, second round) ELECTED
  2. Greg Mead (804, second round)
  3. Re-open Nominations (194, first round)

Student Trustees

In the trustee elections, both candidates were elected, but only just. The results were as follows in the first round:

  1. Jaimie Henry (651) ELECTED
  2. Kadhim Shubber (490) ELECTED
  3. RON (386)

NUS Delegates

The NUS Delegate elections saw some Union couples split, with multiple rounds of transfer and eliminations. With a quota of 185.34, votes were transferred from those that exceeded that number of votes:

  1. Ashley Brown (217, first round, 31.66 votes transferred) ELECTED
  2. Victoria Gibbs (186, first round) ELECTED
  3. Jennifer Morgan (182, first round) ELECTED
  4. Luke Taylor (167, first round) ELECTED
  5. Jon Matthews (164, first round) ELECTED
  6. Kirsty Patterson (128, first round) ELECTED
  7. Elizabeth Hyde (126, first round) ELECTED
  8. Camilla Royle (111, first round) ELECTED
  9. Re-open Nominations (110, first round)
  10. Salman Waqar (100, first round)
  11. Rosie Smithells (90, first round)
  12. Chris Larvin (87, first round)

A full breakdown of STV stages is available on the Union website.

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Discussion about “Sabbatical Election Results 2008”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
1. first   
Feb 29 2008 19:06

jov as editor? pssh. that's the acc spam helping.

Feb 29 2008 19:08

is that line up a joke?

Feb 29 2008 19:10

Rubbish!! Getting worse each year!!!

4. ..   
Feb 29 2008 19:13

what does this mean?

Eliminations for President:

5. Dave   
Feb 29 2008 19:27

what does this mean?

Eliminations for President:

The order in which they were eliminated (RON, then Diogo etc...)

6. Chris   
Feb 29 2008 19:30

Interesting to note that Matthews was leading for 3 of the 5 screwed over by the 2nd preference votes (from Ed) it appears...

7. WTF   
Feb 29 2008 19:32

All the people voted in are c**ts apart from Lilly Topman.

Feb 29 2008 19:34

I think post 7 is playing the opposite game!

Feb 29 2008 19:51

Could we have had a worse Sabb team? It is Christian I feel most sorry for. Surely someone was playing a game of pin the tail on the donkey when they made this choice!

10. fd   
Feb 29 2008 21:22

meh. i demand a recount lol.

Feb 29 2008 21:25

I think that Jen deserved to win and will do a good job. It was only really going to be her, Jon or Luke. Ed and Diogo could not really compete against them, although Ed tried his best and put in a lot of effort. As far as I can tell Luke did no campaigning and paid the price. Jon is quite unlucky, but Jen working hard to gain the transfer votes paid off. Congratulations to her.

DPCS - I thought that John would win, and am quite suprised to see him bow out so quickly. However, all candidates did do a lot of campaigning, full credit to them all. One concern I do have about Lily is that at hustings she seemed to have a lot of ideas about things, but did not seem to have the knowledge about the practicalities. It is one thing to get elected, but another to do things.

DPEW - Both would have done a good job, but somebody has to be unlucky.

DPFS - A lot has been said about Christian. I am not filled with confidence by him, but he deserves a chance. It is really up to him how he handles it. Does he really know what he is letting himself in for?

12. Hmmm   
Feb 29 2008 21:53

On the upside at least we have a decent felix editor to feed all the news and F*ck-ups to the masses.

I think Jov may have been handed a golden opportunity to make felix really good next year (plus Jen promised not to interfere)!

Feb 29 2008 23:01

Lily doesn't know anything about how to make things happen in the union. Nice one, voters, you've picked a really good candidate *snarls*. Either of the other two would have done a wonderful job. Lily just annoys people.

Pleased Jov won - he will make a very good editor.

Jen will make a good president, I hope, and Hannah a good DPEW. Christian may well surprise us all!

Feb 29 2008 23:35

When oh when can we sell off the sports clubs to College and then begin making the Union devoid of bigotry and buggery?

Mar 01 2008 00:01

I like the team. We have a leader, an expert on clubs, a good writer and some one who cares about students welfare. These people had stiff competition. That seem quite sound. Am I the only one that thinks that?

Mar 01 2008 00:09

The trouble is, I hear rumour that people were voting for Lily because they wanted her out of their hair. Although she needs to be able to bollock clubs, she also needs to read papers before she turns up at meetings and actually talk to them nicely on occasion.

Mar 01 2008 01:04

Matthews deserved to win it, he was the only one who really seemed to care about it and put in a decent campaign. It just goes to show that elections are not decided by policy or ability but rather popularity, sex and empty promises. All in all, I'm glad I won't be here to see how much of a mess they make of the Union next year.

18. Yes   
Mar 01 2008 04:49

Hannah only won because she's a hot girl, Jov only won because he's a rugby 1st team, Christian only won because he was the only one standing. F**K I'M GLAD I'M LEAVING

19. RIP   
Mar 01 2008 06:22

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of democracy. She passed away quietly in the night when people stopped listening to reason and started voting on looks and popularity.

Mar 01 2008 07:16

Grow up and spit out the sour grapes. Turnout was high so it is a bit silly to be lamenting the death of democracy. Well done to all the successful candidates!

Mar 01 2008 10:51


Mar 01 2008 11:56

Jov is a lovely guy and deserved to win! Last time I checked the rugby 1st didn't have 700 plus people.

23. Alice   
Mar 01 2008 12:40

Craziness... Jov got voted in because anyone who knows him, or looks at the sports section knows he'll do a brilliant job and will work like a bitch to get a good issue out every week. It's good that he's popular and knows plenty of people around the union because he'll get people involved in Felix- which is the point of a student newspaper, it's not just for the amusement and ego of a few hacks...

24. Hmmm   
Mar 01 2008 13:53

Oh shut up with the hack bashing, there aren't any real hacks left and most of the people you guys seem to think are hacks, probably voted for Jov anyway.

Mar 01 2008 17:32

New faces.

Same promises

No results.

Prove me wrong.

26. Greg   
Mar 01 2008 17:35

Oh hai there

Congratulations to Jov for winning, and thanks to the 804 people who also voted for me!

I'm sure Jov will be a great editor next year and as for the website and the archives, I'll be happy to lend a hand getting it done before I graduate.

Mar 01 2008 18:36

But... most importantly...

SHOCK, HORROR! An election that appears to have passed off with a relatively minimal amount of farce??!!

This is surely an ICU first...

Mar 01 2008 18:41

I don't think that Hannah just won because she's hot, she has done loads of really visible things around college (SHAG week, ethical careers fair, green week). I'm sure that Ryan has done loads of other things aswell (IQ etc.) but not that many people would be aware of it. Both of them would have done a good job, one of them had to lose.

Mar 01 2008 19:03

If Luke Taylor had won by a very small margin, the mailing list affair might have resurfaced.....

Disappointing though. The farce is the best part.

Mar 01 2008 21:50

More bitching please! I'm bored - and theres nothing on the tele

I can't indulge you I am afraid. The result is exactly what I voted for!

Mar 01 2008 22:32

I can understand voting for each of the candidates as individuals, but it seems a rather strange team to pick... I wonder how many people picked this exact combo?

Mar 01 2008 22:36

I had my reasons and I only refer to the Sabs, not NUS delegates. I can't say I would have put Camilla in there...isn't there a guy missing off that list?

Mar 02 2008 00:04

Liz! Me too! :D :D :D

Apart from NUS delegates, obviously I didn't vote chris last :-(

35. c-low   
Mar 02 2008 00:28

I don't agree that Hannah won cus she is ho.. because she aint really hot- id say she's an 'alright'. but she will do a good job of that im sure!

Mar 02 2008 03:11

Why was there no fuss about the use of mailing lists last year? I for one recieved numerouse emails from Cott due to being a club officer, and I'd never even met the SOB.

Mar 02 2008 03:42

I think Jov won becuase he's actually pavarotti, look at that photo and tell me it isn't true!

Also - is the guy next to the wall behind him in the picture crying?

38. Cynic   
Mar 02 2008 11:28

I don't think there's much point dwelling over the results. You vote someone wins and it's probably no worse than the last year. What I would say is that this election is proof that we need to review the Single Transferable Vote system! Too few people understand it and also should we really elect a president based on them being "most peoples second favourite"? Shouldn't there be more weight attached to being the first choice on someone's list! Almost 50% of Jen's votes were 'second best'. I Say second best should be, at best, half as valuable.

Mar 02 2008 12:00

I'll be honest, I don't understant how the above comment would be relevent.

1) Jen did get a large number of transferable votes


So did Jon Matthews

Say we take your system on your number (you say 50% were transfer = 500 vote were transfered and 500 vote were first choice)

In your way Jen gets 50% of those 500 = 250

therfore Jen gets 500 + 250 = 750

Jon got in total 821 of which we will be really nice and say only 200 were transfered (I dont have the real numbers) (200 / 2 = 100) thus we minus 100

Thus using you system

Jon gets 721 vote and Jen gets 750

thus Jen wins

(is my maths off)

Mar 02 2008 12:13

Jon Matthews had 183 votes transferred.

Jen Morgan had 429 votes transferred.

Jon won the first round with 628 votes

Jen had 582 in the first round.

Jon continued to be int he lead in the 2nd round with 650 votes to Jens 599 - Jen gets 150 votes transferred from Ed Hughes supporters. Jen further gets 200 votes transferred from the tactical votes of the ACC who hate Jon Matthews. Good thing or bad thing hmmmm who cares its over!

42. Agreed   
Mar 02 2008 12:40

Jon knew he wouldn't get transfer votes and planned his campaign accordingly.

Jen new she would and planned her campaign accordingly.

They both played the game and Jen won, end of.

Mar 02 2008 15:33

Thanks for the numbers. Before I was simply replying to cynics new propsal just to say that it would not have changed the result.

I argee with #42, but I would point out that all candidates tried to get the top vote. I'm actually suprised at how far Luke Taylor got given he didn't campaign. No offence intened.

44. Ummm   
Mar 02 2008 16:36

I'm not disagreeing with using STV, using this system we elect the candidate most people are willing to accept as president, but it doesn't change the fact that more people actually wanted Jon to be president as their first choice.

I seem to remember someone telling me Sci-fi spent an evening in the bar proving that if everyone voted for the person they least wanted to be president (and still had STV) we could achieve the same result, maybe we should adopt this next year?

PS. Luke did campaign he just didn't have posters it was a "viral" campaign as he put it.

Mar 02 2008 16:41

I've added a chart to the "President" section of this article which may be of interest...

Mar 02 2008 17:59

So it was dieogo and luke's spare votes that pulled it off. However, it was Jen's broader appeal that produced the result.

Ashley, sorry to bother you but could up make a graph for the DPCS. I would really like to see the rounds played out.

Mar 02 2008 18:23

They didn't play out - Lily was 200ish ahead of Jess in the first round, and 200ish ahead at the end of the second round. Lily and Jess both got about the same number of votes when RON and JJ were eliminated in the first round.

Mar 02 2008 19:24

Nice one.

49. Lies   
Mar 03 2008 19:18

Everyone knows that Jov is infact a grizzly bear from the forests of eastern europe, raised by a kind preist and his wife as their own son.

50. BUT   
Mar 03 2008 21:52

did you people know that Jov paints rather well?

Mar 05 2008 20:29

Congrats Ashley and Victoria!

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