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Sir Richard Gets Pied

Mar 04 2008 14:40
Andrew Holland
The Rector recieved the annual RAG week pie in the face this lunchtime on the walkway.
The aftermath ... hit squad forgot to take a towel

RAG week continues in fine form, as Sir Richard Sykes recieved a pie in the face this lunchtime on the walkway. In an amazing and "unexpected" ambush, the rector was stopped by two innocuous members of the Hit Squad dressed in labcoats and monkey masks, before being hit with two pies, as Live! regular readers laughed, and random students looked bemused. A video of the hit is at the end of this article. You can still make donations for the hit online. Previous payment problems have now been resolved.

You can still take out a hit on friends, or more importantly, enemies. If you'd like to arrange a hit on somebody, head over to the Hit Squad Payment Page and select the appropriate option - student, union officer, staff or faculty union/ICU President. Once you've paid, forward the email to with the name of, department of and best times to hit your target.

And remember, tomorrow sees RAG Raid, where students will take to the streets of London to carry out a range of daring tasks while raising money for charity. On Thursday, a variety of Union celebrities will be up for sale in the CGCU Slave Auction. Those confirmed so far include:

  • ICU President, Stephen Brown
  • ICU DPEW, Kirsty Patterson
  • ICU DPFS, Chris Larvin
  • Guilds, RCSU and RSM Presidents
  • Guilds VPA, Milli Begum
  • Guilds VPFS, Michael Chan
  • Guilds Hon Sec, Ed Judge
  • Council Chair, Mark Mearing Smith
  • Members of Guilds tie club, LINKS
  • Live! Editor, Ashley Brown
  • The Last Hack, Jon Matthews

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The Rector is shocked as he's stopped by two monkeys
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Discussion about “Sir Richard Gets Pied”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Mar 04 2008 14:47

A job well done.

2. Omg   
Mar 04 2008 15:21

That was soooooooooooooooo bad - How fake was that! Hit squad you suck!

3. Hmmm   
Mar 04 2008 23:09

Why can't we buy Ally?

Mar 05 2008 20:27

This RAG squad is really problematic. They were at the tube today going around begging for money - making tons of noise and running around like kids. There was actually a security announcement urging the passengers not to give them any.

Then outside dining hall today a group of RAG girls dressed like sluts trying to tease a (chinese) guy, but as you might have guessed it that guy was more concerned about getting to the library than the girls.

And they even pied the Rector; they need to learn how to spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

5. Omg   
Mar 05 2008 21:42

Spencer Smith

How long have you been at Imperial - CGCU Hit sqaud have always hit the rector every year. IT RAISES MONEY FOR CHARITY. The rector has always agreed to it and it is always prearranged you foolish tit (look at the video to see this)

Asking for money for charity on the tube is nothing to be ashamed of. Having a s**t attitude like yours is. I want to beat some sense into your disgusting head. Grow some balls you loser!

Besides your only jealous that the slutty girls wern't all over you!

6. Milli   
Mar 05 2008 22:13

Spencer Smith,

You misunderstand. The CGCU Hitsquad and the teams you saw out today are different things. The CGCU Hitsquad is a mercenary team who pie people to raise monet for RAG. This week is RAG week and each day of the week holds a different event by each union or by the RAG committee itself. So on Monday we had the RCSU Ball, on Tuesday RSM Pub Golf and today was RAG Raid, where everyone is welcome to get together into small teams and go out and raise money. How each group does it is different but the point is to have fun and raise money. If you thought the teams today were too silly, do you remember the medics RAG raid not so long ago?

Pieing the Rector, as "Omg" said, is attempted every year by Hitsquad.

I'm a bit concerned by your attitude in the last line though, it seems as though you think the Rector is someone to be revered: would you never question him or think him to have a sense of humour?

On a last note, nothing wrong with girls dressed like sluts.



Mar 05 2008 22:20

In case you missed it, this is what is happening this week:

It's all a bit of fun in aid of charity. Don't be such a miserable git!

And Sir Richard is really up for this sort of stuff, even if he did escape wearing a costume at the Centenary launch event last year (boo!).

Mar 07 2008 17:49

As I recollect it was the RCSU hitsquad that pied the rector last year.

Mar 07 2008 17:57

Unfortunately, the RCSU were apparently too inept to actually hit him last year.

Mar 15 2008 01:32

Re Milli

I'm a bit concerned by your second last line. What's wrong with respecting the Rector?

Mar 15 2008 03:36

Nothing is wrong with respecting the Rector, but there is not something quite right with treating him as infallible ie. un-pieable

Mar 15 2008 13:07

Really Ashley what do you mean?

Mar 15 2008 13:45

@ Ashley: Plans were made by the RCSU Hit Squad to pie the Rector as usual, however he was out of the country during RAG week and the week after. Thus he was not hit.

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