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Farce Returns with FU Elections Cancelled

Mar 04 2008 15:36
Nicholas Echalaz
The ICU President has stepped in and cancelled the upcoming Central and Faculty Union elections, due to staff absence.
The farce returns...

Staff absence at the Union has meant that the only person with access to the Elections software online is away. Access is required so that the Presidents (CGCU, RCSU & ICU) may get a list of candidates so that a candidates meeting could be called. The concern is that it would be unfair and "act as a major barrier" for people standing for the first time, as that they would not know How to win or what they can say and write.

A email from the Union President, Stephen Brown, shows that he, under Regulation 4 part J of the constitution, has cancelled the current Faculty and Central Union elections: citing that this being "exceptional circumstances" he has the power to cancel then.

The elections will be run next term after this fresh wave of farce subsides, with an email being sent out to all the candidates explaining the situation, pending access to the election system. Luckily the author has been given the accurance that the Union President is working with management on a back up plan for future elections, so that this shambles doesn't happen again because the system is dependant on one person.

"Non-plussed and unsuprised" are words used by the re-running Guilds VPA Salma "Milli" Begum, stating that she wasn't suprised that this has happened. This feeling is the usual response this reporter has been getting on the matter, which has lead this reporter to ask whether apathy is in direct responce to farce.

Seeing that is the first major farce of the year, it is good to know that those over at Beit towers are still human, (which is not what they said in their manifestos) and that farce is an integral part of the Union. There are even rumours that either another Presidents committee, a sub-committee of Council or working group will be created to look into the whole issue of farces and see whether they can be incorporated into the Hack's Bible.

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Discussion about “Farce Returns with FU Elections Cancelled”

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Mar 04 2008 16:25

Are the people who were standing automatically going to be on the ballot for the next round?

2. cynic   
Mar 04 2008 17:29

I thought the farce had begun when CGU opened nominations 3 days before asking Dep Socs what positions they need up or even telling them nominations were open - effectively cutting the period short by 3 days for dep socs. Looks like these FU elections are going the way of the ones in Autumn - unpublisized, unconstitutional and undemocratic - when are people going to get rid of the c**ting student officers responsible?

Mar 04 2008 18:05

wow someone else apart from me uses the word c**ting.

Mar 04 2008 18:26

When the people responsible run the elections it is difficult to elect them out (see Russia). However it can be done if everybody works together (see Russian Revolution).

Mar 04 2008 18:32

Vicious Circle:

The elections have been posponed, not cancelled. Comparing this to Russia and the Russian revolution is rather sad to be honest, you need to get out more.

Mar 04 2008 18:36

It was not to be taken literally....

Mar 04 2008 20:04

Has the man NO DIGnity

Mar 04 2008 20:29

I don't think Tristan is directly responsible for this...

However, I feel that CGCU needs reforming. For the past two years it has done next to nothing for its members when combined to the other faculty unions and the RSM. For too long now its exec have been no more than useless fools who are just looking for something to put on their CV. Earlier in the year they were blaming all the problems on Tristan. However, when he was ill, I was assured that things would change, and that Guilds would become more active again. So far I have seen nothing. The exec needs to start doing more for their members now, rather than taking the option of writing this year off and starting again next year (which I doubt will happen).

Just as a comparison. During RAG week RCSU organised a ball and RSM organised a meal/pub golf; things that can be enjoyed by all their members. Guilds organise the slave auction, which in all fairness is only really going to mean anything to a dozen or so hacks. That to me says everything.

Mar 04 2008 20:44

Is there anyone who is involved with guilds who doesn't have a title? The CGCU office is currently an excuse for a small clique to have their own private common room.

I agree, CGCU needs reforming!

10. cynic   
Mar 04 2008 21:24

CGU doesn't need reform, everything is there, just nobody does anything - it is running, just, by doing things last minute and without any team work. All that needs to happen is the committee open their eyes and meet, talk and do rather than leave a load of non-exec people to man the office during lunch breaks. Firing the Pres wouldn't be an idea either.

Mar 04 2008 21:25

Will we see you standing for CGCU elections next term, disatisfied engineer?

12. Ha   
Mar 04 2008 22:17

Why does this article have the word 'Farce' repeated 3000 times with the occasional word put in? Why does everyone recently use the word 'Farce' in every single sentence they say? It's annoying.

I think the words: "Boring load of s**t" sum it up better

13. Hmmm   
Mar 04 2008 23:02

That would explain why nobody was emailing me to tell me about the elections... quick lets redesign all the positions for council before we elect the candidates to them (and get rid of the silly positions)!!

Mar 05 2008 00:00

Ok, Im gonna get slated for this

but this is bad in two ways (before you scrub the elections)

1) In summer term several member of RSM go into the field i.e they CANNOT campaign (in other words Aren't Danny and Rosie screwed)

2) Scientists in the summer term have s**t loads of exams (as does everyone) and some also go into the field. I.e they cannot campaign and this biases the election.

Mr President don't do this!

  • Historically low turnout
  • The FU's in the wrong hands

Instead be cunning I know several individuals kept lists of all the standing candidates email them and get them toput together a manifesto for friday. Then start voting off on monday.

15. RSMer   
Mar 05 2008 00:42

Are we allowed to gloat that the RSM have just completed our elections? without farce...

we can even manage a decent alcohol fuelled hustings without alienating the 'audience' and asking sensible, real questions even when the positions are uncontested.

Mar 05 2008 01:14

Yea that great for your union but not for RSM people in C&G elections or Central Union elections.

17. RSMer   
Mar 05 2008 01:29

No it is still great for the RSM people in the other elections, it's one less thing worry about!

Mar 05 2008 02:18

Maybe it will mean that RSM won't have the voice it needs.

Mar 05 2008 07:01

Actually, medic undergrad turnout hits 60% in the summer term.

On another note. I think 'face' is used so often as it sexually arouses Ashley.

Mar 05 2008 08:59

Live! is constitutionally bound to use the word "farce" a set number of times per year. As the main elections went so smoothly, the author has made up for it with this article.

Getting the list of seconders isn't a problem, but uploading manifestos etc is. Voting was due to open tomorrow, but no-one has been asked to submit anything, and no-one knows how to upload them. Messing around with a voting system when it isn't obvious how it works is a bad thing...

21. cynic   
Mar 05 2008 09:35

Just about sums RSM up if they need to get off their face just to be interested in democracy. Hopefully one day they will get so p***ed they will crawl out of their own a**e and wake up to the fact they don't have to bring the hate on every other department (and FUs) in college.

Mar 05 2008 11:44

Cynic - shut the hell up...... u have not got a clue what your on about.

RSM Election Results were announced yesterday and we have a full committee of ~15 people. Hustings were held last week with a high turnout. Overall the elections have been a success. All positions have been filled, some with some very tight competition.

Now onto the subject of this article..... It?s an outrage.... I have not received an email informing me of the cancelled elections after standing for the position of Council Chair.... Point 14 says it all.... I and other geologists are away for much of the summer term and cannot run a campaign then.

Also, next term is too late to be running elections for positions such as FU presidents, etc. The handover period takes place in the summer term. We do not have the privilege of using our summer holidays to be completing handovers as many of us will have jobs.

Mar 05 2008 13:33

Can?t people just accept that the engineers prefer to do things in smaller groups? If people actually bother go and talk to the students, most of them prefer to leave the college asap and go hang out with their housmates and other friends rather than fellow engineers. Having said that, CivEng, ChemEng, EEE and even DOC have organised some amazing events/parties, which in terms of the amount of cash spent, beat even the most expensive FU events, certainly in per head term.

CGCU had always been there supporting these depsocs on union admins and finance. Moreover, the CGCU also represents the students in a number of internal and external organisations, one of which awards two ?350 to students from each engineering departments annually.

I am not pretending that CGCU has been as well run as it had been for a number of years. CGCU events have always been attended by a small but close group of students, who enjoyed the geeky/traditional events, such as the egg race, CGCA dinner and Lord Mayor Show. To discredit the hard work put into these event by the CGCU is unjust, at the same time, I would like to see CGCU up their game to cater for more students.

It?s not all about the CV, there is more than organising parties in life. Well done to RCSU for pulling off another amazing Science Challenge, a genuine achievement. ? but how many Imperial student attended last year?

Mar 05 2008 15:19

Your an idiot - its was the RITZ - do you think it could have fit 4000+ people. Do you think they imposed upper limits on the numbers??? Do you think the fact that the ticket cost 200 quid and were subsidise to 30 quid could have had an effect???

Mar 05 2008 15:25

I ask one simple question now. Why can't we do it with out the Internet? They did once not have it. And remember most elections in the Union, although much smaller, happen with out the internet.

Mar 05 2008 16:14

I don't think I am an idiot, I was there at the Ritz and very much enjoyed it.

Perhaps that's the whole point of the comment. As mentioned, it was a genuine achievement - without doubt.

Most posters here are saying that the CGCU and its events only target a small group of people; CGCU must reach out, organise bigger and better events. My question was, why shouldn't RCSU use the huge subsides in benefitting more students in a lesser venue as suppose to the Ritz with only a selected few hundreds?... in my opinion, this is because it was well worth the publicity and now the Science Challenge has become a very good tradition, like a number of the older CGCU/A event.

Mar 05 2008 16:23

One minor point of clarification, I thought the RCSU ritz function last year was a one off for the centenary? People seem to be saying that it is now annual?

CGCU need to stop living in the past. Events which would have been suitable for most of Imperial 20 years ago are not as beneficial for the vast majority and different demographics of students today. By all means carry on with the traditional events, but they should not take priority over updated ones.

Mar 05 2008 17:18

I have being saying something similar all this year. C&G do annual stuff and worse complain at RSM and RSC for doing new more popular stuff. I know the RSM have traditions but if need be they would scrap them for their students.

As for the Science challenge the benifit is their for students. There were loads of lectures in mech eng open to all even miner and engineers. I saw the rector's and Robert Winston's these thing aren't free. On the other hand the IMAX part of the finals is free for all students (scientist, miners, engineers) or so a nice man on the walk way told me (the after party cost ?15).

I don't think you know much about the RCS or RSM.

That why we need an independant RSM

Mar 05 2008 17:20

when I said the lectures weren't free I meant the cost money to run. Although they were free to attend.

Have C&G ever run anything for more than 1 union. except the 3 colleges bar night.

30. hmmm   
Mar 06 2008 08:51


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