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Council Censures CGCU President

Mar 18 2008 00:10
The Dark Knight
This evening's ICU Council meeting saw Guilds President Tristan Sherliker censured for having his report rejected twice in a row.
We would use a photo of him at Council, but he wasn't there.

The beleaguered CGCU President, Tristan Sherliker, received a further blow this evening as ICU Council passed a motion of censure, brought automatically by two 'rejections' of his reports.

The motion against Sherliker, who again failed to attend the meeting, passed by 24 votes to 1, with 2 abstentions. Members of Council rejected Sherliker's report on Guilds' autumn term activities after a number of Guildsmen spoke out against it. The report was originally due at first meeting of term in January, but was postponed due to the President's ill health. The report was required to be submitted at the last meeting of Council, but the President was only able to produce a verbal report ... about the spring term.

Sherliker's report to this evening's meeting was submitted barely two hours before the meeting started, along with his apologies. The Guilds President rarely attends ICU meetings, including Council (under half the meetings), Representation and Welfare Board and Executive (only twice since October). He missed today's meeting as he was chairing the IC String Ensemble AGM in Brick Lane, which - as chair - he had arranged to clash with Council.

After assembled Guildsmen had picked his report apart, including asking the Deputy President (Finance & Services) to comment on Guilds finances, Council voted to reject the paper. The previous report had not been submitted at all, so was counted as an automatic rejection, initiating censure proceedings under the governance changes introduced last year.

Sherliker now faces his no-confidence on Wednesday with no 'get-out' clause. As seen last year with the DPGS Rahman, a no-confidence can be reduced to a censure by the committee discussing the matter - however, an officer can only be censured once, so this option will not be available for the CGCU Executive.

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Discussion about “Council Censures CGCU President”

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Mar 17 2008 22:54

Oh dear oh dear oh dear what a let down... and I thought those who go to Eton were meant to be so clever!

2. oy!   
Mar 17 2008 23:34

i don't think what school people go to has any bearing on their hack capacity and Union capabilities.

if you look more closely, there are plenty of public school alumni involved in running the Union. and who do it well too.

pipe down!

3. cynic   
Mar 18 2008 00:12

While you cannot be censured more than once, does the CGCU constitution recognise disciplinary action handed down by ICU as counting toward the tally?

Mar 18 2008 11:00

Yes of course it does!

5. ...   
Mar 18 2008 11:45

Wasn't the censure for the autumn term problems, meaning that the no confidence will have to be based on the spring term issues?

Mar 18 2008 13:04

No, the topics discussed before the censure were the inability to present a detailed report on the events of the autumn term (not that the reported events were run badly) and poor attendance at ICU meetings.

7. ...   
Mar 18 2008 15:15

Who cares.. bottom line is...

Tristan is s**t

Mar 18 2008 16:50

... why on earth did anyone vote for him as president in the first place?

Mar 18 2008 19:50

Did you know that last year he was editor of Guildsheet and he left it in ?1800 of debt which had to be paid out of C&G Exec... Who the f**k voted for this tosser?

Mar 18 2008 22:12

Tristan is not a tosser. He is intelligent and he does care - about people, if not positions of office. He just fails miserably at prioritising.

11. icare   
Mar 18 2008 22:17

Guilds represents 6,000 people. He hasn't shown that much care towards them.

Mar 19 2008 07:32

Tristan does not care about anyone but himself - he is a selfish arrogant w***er - and I have experienced this first hand all year because i have been doing all the jobs he should be doing.

Mar 19 2008 11:02

Of course he is intellegent - we are at Imperial, we have to have a minimum level of intellegence. But he seems to care about positions of office rather than people, contrary to what you suggest. He was happy enough to take the perks of being CGCU president without willing to put any of the hard work in that the role requires. As for failure to prioritise, that is just a nice way of saying that he could not give a s**t about the students who elected him to represent him.

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