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Student Satisfaction Hits Imperial ... Again

Apr 24 2008 17:42
William the Conquerer
The latest Good University Guide league tables have seen Imperial remain in third place, once again suffering from low student satisfaction.
Too ... many ... numbers....

The Good University Guide 2009, published in the Independent, ranks Imperial in third place, jointly with LSE. Despite having the best student-staff ratio, highest spend on academic services (more than double most universities) and best graduate prospects of any university, Imperial was unable to jump above Oxbridge.

Removing "Student Satisfaction" from the table results in Imperial coming second, failing to reach first because only 69.1% of students get "good" (1st and 2.1) honours, compared to 90.1 at Oxford. Imperial has the lowest student satisfaction score in the top 20, matched only by SOAS and Bristol, and also the lowest completion rate in the top five.

In the subject tables, Imperial ranks as follows:

  • Aeronautics: 4th (behind Cambridge, Bath, Southampton)
  • Biological Sciences: 3rd (behind Oxbridge)
  • Business: 2nd (behind LSE)
  • Chemical Engineering: 2nd (behind Cambridge - although Cambridge has a lower RAE rating)
  • Chemistry: 4th (behind Cambridge, Oxford, Durham)
  • Civil Engineering: 7th (behind Cambridge, Dundee, Cardiff, Bristol, Edinburgh, Southampton)
  • Computing: 3rd (behind Cambridge, Oxford despite best graduate prospects)
  • EEE: 6th (behind Cambridge, Edinburgh, UCL, Strathclyde, Southampton)
  • Geology: 3rd (behind Oxford, Cambridge)
  • Materials: 2nd (behind Cambridge)
  • Maths: 4th (behind Cambridge, Oxford, Dundee)
  • Mechanical Engineering: 6th (behind Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Liverpool)
  • Medicine: 4th (behind Cambridge, Oxford, Aberdeen)
  • Physics: 3rd (behind Cambridge, Oxford)

In the research assessment exercise rankings, all of the above have the top "5*" rating except Business and EEE with "5", however this is based on the 2001 data.

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Discussion about “Student Satisfaction Hits Imperial ... Again”

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Apr 24 2008 17:53

Geology: 3rd (behind Oxford, Cambridge)

If you think Geologists at RSM have trouble stringing two words together you should see what some Oxbridge Geologists come out with. They can't even colour between the lines.

Imperial suffers as a whole because our courses are damn hard. They have to be to compete with European Universities. The HE Sector is dumbing down along with the rest of the UK Education System.

Apr 24 2008 17:54

I would suggest that having a lower number of "good" honours awarded, combined with the best prospects, means that our courses are the best ones and we should be top. They are hard, but produce good people.

Oxbridge must, blatantly, be the easier universities - especially as Oxford can give out 90% firsts/upper-seconds.

3. FFS   
Apr 28 2008 18:45

Ohh come on don't go on a rant about Oxbridge just because you didn't beat them.

Apr 28 2008 22:35

You missed the tongue-in-cheek, apparently?

Apr 30 2008 14:23

With educational standards apparently beign relaxed all across the country, i jsut HAD to end up at the one place

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