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75 Minutes for a Pizza

Apr 30 2008 23:54
Ashley Brown
Students looking for a relaxing evening in the Union's bars are being disappointed, as food has been arriving over an hour after ordering.
The Council Chair's pizza arrives, some 75 minutes after being ordered

The Union's new catering offering appears to be suffering some serious teething problems, with waits of over an hour for food in the evenings.

Problems were apparent on Monday when a large contingent from the tempestuous Union Council meeting arrived in the bar half an hour before the meeting, eager to try out the new menu. With the canteen-style service gone councillors arrived earlier than normal to have their fill of burgers, pizzas and pasta - but sadly not early enough. With the start of Council already 10 minutes late, the Council Chair had to abandon his position in the bar to take up his position at the meeting, with several other councillors joining him. A glamorous assistant then delivered the food in fits-and-starts during the meeting, with the Council Chair's pizza the last to arrive around 75 minutes after ordering.

This baptism of fire was bound to end badly - with a rush on food on the very first day, and a tight schedule to keep to for those ordering, Live! initially put the slow service down to poor timing and teething troubles. Events this evening have shown that the problems continue, with the Union apparently unable to plan for perfectly predictable numbers of customers.

This reporter was attempting to review the new catering offering in a more real-life scenario than the previous taster session, however ended up at the Hereford Arms instead. Upon arrival in Beit Quad, da Vinci's was packed, with advertising all around for the football match showing in the bar. Despite the numbers in da Vinci's, the Union bar remained closed, meaning there was nowhere to sit and eat, and certainly nowhere to have a civilised pint. The queues for the bar seemed large, while wooden spoons indicating food orders were scattered around the place. Upon asking the Felix team if there was a chance of getting food in the next hour, it turned out they had been waiting nearly 45 minutes for a jacket potato, which had still not arrived.

With the advertising of the football match distributed, the numbers likely to head to the union were presumably highly predictable, yet both the bar and the catering seemed under-staffed. Live! wonders how the Union will cope as people celebrate the end of their exams in the next few weeks.

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Discussion about “75 Minutes for a Pizza”

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1. wow   
May 01 2008 00:12

everyone in the picture looks suitably disgusted at the late arrival of their pizza's except for s brown couch who appears annoyed that those goddamn lefties got one over him

May 01 2008 00:27

I wonder whether tempers where so high because no one had had their food?

Compulsory 3 course sit down meal before council for all attending, paid for by the union obviously.

May 01 2008 00:32

Right on to something- which I think you will agree with me is the case- slightly more important: do you think the jumper is a good look?

May 01 2008 06:49

No Mark, you look like Jon Matthews...and you still owe me ?20. Next time I see you I take ?20, or your knees.


Luke xx.

5. ooo   
May 01 2008 09:19

I quite like that jumper mark, suits you, one question though, when's the tee off?

Ah, the RSM paper, jolly good.

6. jess   
May 01 2008 11:25


thank you for calling me the "glamorous assistant"...however, couldn;t you find a photo where i'm pulling a more "glamorous" face!???!!!

May 01 2008 11:31

Damm, just realised that if you look closely enough you can see my nose is bent. :-<

May 01 2008 11:42

Jess - you aren't going like the other two I have of you any more than that one....

May 01 2008 17:25

Mark - you look like a fool! As does Jon Matthews

Jess, dont do the donkey work for these boys let them starve !!!! what the hell did their last slave die off, as grilfriend to Mark i give you full permission to tell him to swivel the next time he uses you as a slave lol !!!!

girl power !!! stick it to the man !!! woop woop xx

May 02 2008 01:47

Jess, you were a star! Us poor fools would have gone hungry if not for you selflessness.

I don't think the 'system' they've got going is entirely fair. I ordered my food after Mark and yet received mine before him.

12. ..   
May 02 2008 23:11

they should have comped that. i would never wait that long for a union pizza.

13. eh?   
May 03 2008 13:16

dominos arrive quicker and they have to drive from pimlico

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