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Guildsheet Lands with Colours

May 02 2008 15:49
Charlie Chalk
The May issue of Guildsheet has arrived, with the official announcement of City and Guilds College Union Colours awardees.
Guildsheet - the revision issue

The May issue of Guildsheet has arrived in departments today, ahead of the planned Tuesday date. The issue is the first since December, after Guildsheet finances were left in a bad state at the end of last year; this year's Editor Nick Simpson has had to cull two planned issues during Spring Term even after well over a thousand pounds of advertising was amassed. With one remaining issue this term, the magazine has entered it's final iteration of the transition from a newspaper, which began in October 2006.

The issue also marks the annual awarding of colours, which are a mark of gratitude from City and Guilds College Union to students for their activities carried out over the past year. Nominations came from students across the faculty wth the Colours Committee residing over the final call. Colours certificates will be awarded at the Guilds AGM on the 15th May.

Half Colours

"Half Colours shall be awarded to any person who has given service to the Association beyond that expected of any position they hold or who has carried out their job in an exceptional fashion."

  • Salma Begum
  • Thomas Broderick
  • Michael Chan
  • Sam Cooper
  • Alex Grisman
  • Mark Mearing-Smith
  • Nuri Purswani
  • Nikhil Sehmi
  • Matthew Taylor
  • Henry Weaver

Full Colours

"Full Colours shall be awarded to any person who has given service to the Association in an exceptional fashion, preferably across a broad spectrum of activities."

  • Ton van Den Bremer
  • Owen Connick
  • Thomas Hoskins
  • Edward Judge
  • Tom Murray
  • Brandon Ng
  • Vishal Shah
  • Eirini Spentza

Distinguished Service Award

"The Distinguished Service Award shall be awarded to a person who had normally received Full Colours in a previous Academic Year and who continues to offer extraordinary service to the Association, in recognition of long-standing and outstanding achievement. Each individual presented with a Distinguished Service Award shall receive a token of the Association's appreciation."

  • Ashley Brown
  • Nick Simpson
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Discussion about “Guildsheet Lands with Colours”

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May 02 2008 16:10

Well done to both Ash and Nick, well deserved on both counts.

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