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Four Fight for Guilds President

May 06 2008 10:13
The Dark Knight
Four candidates are vying for the position of Guilds President, with the positions of the two Vice Presidents also hotly contested in this year's Faculty of Engineering elections.
More elections!

This year's competition for the position of Guilds President looks set to be a bit of a fight, with four candidates for the top spot. The Vice President positions have two candidates each, however no-one has come forward for the position of Honorary Secretary.

All departments except Earth Science & Engineering are also electing their departmental representatives, society chairs and other positions.

Voting opens 00:01 on 12th May, closing again on 14th May at 23:59. Results will be announced at the Guilds AGM on 15th May. Manifestos will appear for central Guilds positions and departmental representatives & society chairs at the end of tomorrow.

Nominations for ICU elections have now opened.

The full list of fully-seconded candidates can be found below. Re-open Nominations stands for all positions.

Central Guilds Positions


  • Mark Mearing-Smith
  • Rosie Smithells
  • Thomas Greany
  • Salma Begum

Vice President (Activities)

  • Matthew Taylor
  • Poorni Polgampola

Vice President (Finance & Societies)

  • Zheng Goh
  • John James

Honorary Secretary

  • No candidates.

Academic Affairs Officer (Taught)

  • Alexander Grisman

Academic Affairs Officer (Research)

  • No candidates.

Welfare Officer

  • Kirsty Patterson


AeroSoc Chair

  • Nikhil Chandaria

AeroSoc Dep Rep

  • Benjamin Stubbens

AeroSoc Treasurer

  • Craig McPherson

AeroSoc Secretary

  • Laurence Lai


BioEngSoc Chair

  • Nuri Purswani Ramchandani
  • Thomas Greany
  • Laura Huckins

BioEngSoc Dep Rep

  • Peter Njuguna
  • Alessandro Ciucci

BioEngSoc Vice Chair

  • Xulin Tan
  • Lise Loerup
  • Vincent Frima

BioEngSoc Secretary

  • Yazan Billeh

BioEngSoc Treasurer

  • Marcus Jiang
  • Tianyi Wang

BioEngSoc Web Editor

  • No candidates.

BioEngSoc Industrial Liaision Officer

  • Tassos Eracleous

BioEngSoc Sports Officer

  • Michael Gassmann
  • Loucas Constantinou

Chemical Engineering

ChemEngSoc Chair

  • Nathaniel Carter

ChemEng Dep Rep

  • Brandon Ng & Evan Sketchley

ChemEngSoc Treasurer

  • Yat Hor

ChemEngSoc Vice Chair (Industrial Liaision)

  • Kok Ng

ChemEngSoc Vice Chair (Sport)

  • Mohamed Khayat

ChemEngSoc Honorary Secretary

  • No candidates.

ChemEngSoc Webmaster

  • No candidates.

Civil Engineering

CivSoc Chair

  • Douglas White

CivSoc Departmental Representative

  • Kim Zhang
  • Simon Willmore

CivSoc Vice Chair

  • Nikhil Sehmi

CivSoc Treasurer

  • Gareth Hopkins
  • Paul Hofmeyr

CivSoc Secretary

  • Charlotte Mace
  • Nur Elias

CivSoc Industrial Liaison Officer

  • San Pang

CivSoc Events Officer

  • Jack Leedale

CivSoc Sports Officer

  • Stanislaw Sikorski

CivSoc Publicity Officer

  • Thomas Biagioli

Livic Editor

  • No candidates.

CivSoc Environmental Officer

  • Mimi Hunt

CivSoc Web Editor

  • No candidates.


DocSoc Chair

  • Karan Gajwani Bijlani

Computing Departmental Representative

  • Karan Gajwani Bijlani
  • Jasveersing Askurn

DocSoc Treasurer

  • Jasveersing Askurn

DocSoc Secretary

  • Jasveersing Askurn

DocSoc Webmaster

  • Andreas Markitanis

DocSoc Events Officer

  • No candidates.

DocSoc Industrial Liaision Officers

  • No candidates.

Earth Science & Engineering

ESE is not holding online elections at this time.

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

EEE Chair Requires

  • Benjamin Alun-Jones

EEE Dep Rep

  • Shin Hwang
  • Tariq Melhem
  • Hemal Mehta

Vice Chair (EEE)

  • Spyridon Pavlidis

Vice Chair (ISE)

  • No candidates.

EEE Secretary

  • Maria Mestre

EEE Treasurer

  • Jee Ong

Events Officer (EEE)

  • Umer Shabbir

Events Officer (ISE)

  • No candidates.

Industrial Liaison (EEE)

  • No candidates.

Industrial Liaison (ISE)

  • No candidates.

EEE Webmaster

  • No candidates.

EEE 2nd Year Rep

  • Azfarul Islam
  • Karim Delawalla
  • Omair Khalid

EEE 3rd Year Rep

  • Kwun Leung

EEE 4th Year Rep

  • Iris Kariotelli

ISE Course Rep

  • Miguel Sarabia Del Castillo
  • Stephen McKeague

ISE 2nd Year Rep

  • Reuben Raveendran

ISE 3rd Year Rep

  • Miguel Sarabia Del Castillo

ISE 4th Year Rep

  • Mireno Rossi


MatSoc Chair

  • Harsh Mehta
  • Oliver Joris

MatSoc Dep Rep

  • Benjamin Moorhouse
  • Raniya Alam

MatSoc Secretary

  • Alistair Philpott

MatSoc Treasurer

  • Benjamin Hanson

Mechanical Engineering

MechSoc Chair

MechSoc Dep Rep

  • Salma Begum
  • Leo Tagg

MechSoc Vice Chair

  • No candidates.

MechSoc Secretary

  • No candidates.

MechSoc Events Officer

  • No candidates.

MechSoc Treasurer

  • No candidates.

MechSoc Industrial Liaision Officer

  • No candidates.

MechSoc Webmaster

  • No candidates.

MechSoc Publicity Officer

  • No candidates.

MechSoc Leavers Yearbook Coordinator

  • No candidates.
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Discussion about “Four Fight for Guilds President”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
1. 1st   
May 06 2008 11:26

I am the first to dicuss this article!


May 06 2008 11:35

Not really a constructive comment though was it. Rather a waste of everyone's time, in fact.

3. cynic   
May 06 2008 12:04

4 presidential candidates

3 of them are jokes

4. Miner   
May 06 2008 13:35

I know, they're all terrible apart from Rosie...

Who is Thomas Greany? What's he done before

5. Hrrmm   
May 06 2008 14:32

Tom's a fresher. Good to see some fresh blood getting involved I guess.

May 06 2008 15:42

Where is RON???????????

7. ...   
May 06 2008 15:58

"The full list of fully-seconded candidates can be found below. Re-open Nominations stands for all positions."

May 06 2008 16:01

You beat me to it. RON was temporarily killed due to a lack of sleep. RON has been revived and is now standing...

9. cynic   
May 06 2008 17:34

Rosie is likely to destroy Guilds by inexperience, just for the miners (who deserve to be independent). Mearing-Smith not only has Guilds experience and compotence, he supports the Miners campaign.

10. ...   
May 06 2008 17:41

What about Milli and Thomas?? you dont know there view on the campaign.

May 06 2008 18:36

I'm so glad nominations are closed.

12. Well.   
May 06 2008 19:14

Milli has told me she is standing down, She likes to waste everyones time.

Fresher - would like to see him get in if the other two candiates split the vote.

Rosie - cutthroat bitch from house

Mearing Smith - Legend amongst men

May 06 2008 19:15

I'm gonna win the snooker and I'm gonna win this election!

May 06 2008 19:39

Where are you Joseph Jezic von Gesseneck??? I was going to vote for you as my president!

May 06 2008 19:42

surely its not a valid CGCU election unless JJvG is standing????

May 06 2008 20:52

It seems like the people standing are those who failed to get union sabb positions this year - if we'd held the elections earlier perhaps we'd not have these wannabe career politicians. But then again, anyone who doesn't do this as a CV filler for law school is fine by me... and turns up more than once in 33 days. Also - in looking at the candidates for president - only Mearing Smith has published any sort of campaign material as yet and it seems that 9 of those 10 points were on Tristan's to-do list last year.

May 06 2008 21:37

I can only see one person on that list who failed to get a sabb position this year, and he's given a huge amount of time and energy to Guilds and the union. I firmly believe his motives - running both for a sabb position and with Guilds - are purely down to wanting to help run things and make a different.

He's also too bad a diplomat to be a career politician.

18. Miner   
May 07 2008 01:19

Please please please anyone but Rosie. She counts as a failed sab- she was Ronned at the beginning of the year! That should make you immediately disqualified from any subsequent elections.

Oh, the shame of it all.

19. Hmm.   
May 07 2008 07:26

"That should make you immediately disqualified from any subsequent elections."

What, so if someone loses one election, which is more often for having no experience and no one having heard of you, then you shouldn't be allowed to try again having got experience and become well known? Sounds like a great way to scare off any 'new blood' from trying to get involved: aim too high the first time and that's it, no position ever.

May 07 2008 22:38

I repeat... where is Joseph Jezic von Gesseneck???

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