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Engineering Elections 2008: Hustings Report

May 11 2008 09:29
Andrew Holland
The CGCU election hustings were held Friday lunchtime in Beit Quad, to a rather pathetic audience.
Candidates for Guilds President, Mark Mearing-Smith (left) and Rosie Smithells (right)

The Guilds hustings were held on Friday lunchtime in Beit Quad, due to the decent weather. Turnout was poor, with only a handful of candidates and their supporters turning up, surrounded by bemused students trying to enjoy their lunch in peace.

Overall, the hustings could be described as dull, due to there being very little interaction. Both of the presidential candidates who turned up, Mark Mearing Smith and Rosie Smithells spoke of the need to raise awareness of CGCU, amongst all members of the faculty, which could be done by better advertising of events. This was ironic, as the hustings were very poorly advertised, with a single email sent round the night before. The subject of the RSM also came up, with Rosie Smithells claiming that the recent paper rejected at council was ill timed, and was rushed though too quickly, but that another try would be worthwhile next year. Mark Mearing-Smith said that if the RSM wanted to be completely free of Guilds he would support it.

The general consensus from most of the candidates was to try and avoid the problems which CGCU has suffered from over the past few years. Promises were put forward to spend more time in the office throughout the year, and to put time and effort in over the summer to ensure that next year will run smoothly. Only time will tell if this will happen.

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Discussion about “Engineering Elections 2008: Hustings Report”

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May 11 2008 10:05

Boring. What about the VPFS candidates not having a clue about Guilds turnover?

2. Miner   
May 11 2008 12:02

so how many people actually turned up????

For a little comparrison..... RSM hustings attracted 30 students in a lecture theatre.

3. Miner   
May 11 2008 12:08


4. Exams   
May 11 2008 13:28

Exams may have been responsible for the poor turnout too ;)

5. voter   
May 12 2008 00:22

just been to vote....RON is apparently not standing as he doesn't appear on the ballot paper. Does this mean that the election is going to be invalid?

May 12 2008 00:34

Was writing an article on this subject as you posted. Now on the front page.

Basically, its f*cked.

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