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Farce as Voting Software Breaks Completely

May 12 2008 00:33
The Dark Knight
Elections in the Faculty of Engineering appear to be completely invalid - yet again - following the complete failure of the ICU voting software.
Trying to submit a vote for Honorary Secretary, which has no candidates

Elections in the Faculty of Engineering may have to be re-run once again, as the ICU voting software is completely broken.

Where's RON?

A number of positions have no candidates to vote for (e.g. Honorary Secretary), however they still appear on the electronic ballot paper. Attempting to submit the ballot results in a series of errors, unless the abstain box is checked - in which case an additional error appears.

To make matters worse, not only is the voting software broken in this respect, but the required "Re-open Nominations" candidate is also missing from the ballot papers, meaning Guildsmen and Miners have no option but to vote for one of the "real" candidates, rather than expressing their disgust by voting RON. Although the voting system errors are unlikely to affect the integrity of the voting, the lack of RON means the elections are not run in accordance with the ICU constitution and should be declared invalid. Following an ICU Court ruling last year, this means they must be completely re-run from scratch for the second time, including re-opening nominations. This will please some of those in mines, who looked set to be away on a field trip while the elections took place, leading to a last minute attempt to open voting later so they could take part.

Following last term's shambles, when the absence of the only remaining staff member who good work the system led to elections being cancelled, the President assured concerned students that steps would be taken to prevent a repeat of those events. The electronic system has been modified to allow full control by the returning officer, unfortunately it appears that a little more manual intervention may have been necessary.

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Discussion about “Farce as Voting Software Breaks Completely”

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May 12 2008 02:35


2. zd   
May 12 2008 06:54

Elections without RON wouldn't be democratic anymore would it? Looks like this round of elections are definitely going to be re-held at an even deeper time into the exams period.

3. Miner   
May 12 2008 09:31

hahahahha its hilarious..... another c**k up!

The elections should never have been run when one of the eight engineering departments are all on fieldwork.

We all return by the 24th May. Run it then.

May 12 2008 09:32

So do we continue to campaign and risk annoying our friends and the electorate for a third time?

When is the RO going to deign to tell us?

Surely election expenses unrecoverable up to this point should be refunded 100%?

May 12 2008 09:33

Miner - if you're one of the people on fieldwork, I thought you went away on Saturday 10th and had no internet connection until you got back?

Given the undemocratic nature in which De La Beche decide their positions, I'm surprised you know what an election is.

May 12 2008 09:45

Different year groups leave on different days.... not so hard to believe is it?

The DLB lives on its tradition - being the oldest club at IC! and positions have been voted on at the AGM for a very long time.....

as for the way rsm run their elections...... well..... quite rich coming from a union that can't seem to attract anyone to their hustings and cant seem to get a fair voting system underway!!!

May 12 2008 10:00

When do the various ESE year groups go away?

May 12 2008 10:01

All 1st years went early Sunday morning.

All 2nd years went Saturday morning.

Some 4th years went Saturday morning as well.

3rd years leave this Friday.

Plus there were more posters up for the DLB election in the department than I have seen all year advertising any other election (and no candidate posters don't count) all year.

May 12 2008 10:06

Why don't candidate posters count?

May 12 2008 10:12

They don't count as advertising elections in that way, because they don't go up before nominations.

Sorry I was unclear, I was talking about DLB advertising the elections before they took place, they did it quite well.

May 12 2008 10:57

Elections are to continue.

May 12 2008 21:58

What a farce!!!

May 13 2008 13:40

All aboard the Fail Boat!

14. EEE   
May 15 2008 10:56

So when do we get the results?

May 15 2008 10:58

They should have been at the AGM today, but that's been postponed because the miners want a chance to vote...

Short answer: Nobody knows.

May 16 2008 19:00

The election results will be announced in an email and put on Live! at some stage on Monday.

May 16 2008 21:18

Why are you waiting until Monday?

May 16 2008 21:31

The votes are stored in the system in an encoded form, and won't be decoded until office hours Monday.

19. Ed   
May 16 2008 21:34

The results wont be decoded until then.

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