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Guilds Elections to Continue

May 12 2008 10:40
Ashley Brown
Elections in the Faculty of Engineering are to continue, despite problems in the first few hours voting was open.
RON was missing, but has now returned

Problems with the online voting system have now been resolved with less than 20 votes cast. Due to the low turnout overnight the returning officer, ICU President Stephen Brown, has taken the decision to allow them to continue to run, in the belief that the overnight votes would not affect the results. Voting remains open and will close at 23:59 on Wednesday.

The problems were caused solely by the lack of a Re-open Nominations Candidate, which meant some elections had no candidates, causing the system to throw errors when voting. The lack of RON also meant the elections were unconstitutional for the first twenty votes overnight.

Results, due to be announced on the 15th May at the Guilds AGM, may be delayed by the absence of 3% of the electorate, who are colouring in and drinking doing fieldwork out of range of internet connections. Voting may be re-opened at the end of May to allow just over 100 students from Earth Science & Engineering to cast their votes when they return.

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Discussion about “Guilds Elections to Continue”

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May 12 2008 11:51

its still quite broken. try viewing the manifestos once you log in.

May 12 2008 14:20

This is highly concerning, RON is a candidate, not all candidates were listed at the start of voting and votes were cast, how can this be allowed to continue?


May 12 2008 15:43

The only thing missing when I went to vote were MechSoc candidates! Isn't it time we just scrapped MechSoc seeing as it does nothing?

May 12 2008 15:49

Thank god Union Council scrapped the clause which required all unconstitutional elections to be re-run. Then we would have had a real farce rather than the smaller one we've just had.

5. to o   
May 12 2008 16:45

the mech soc candidates who received enough seconders are displayed. there is an error on live where two people are displayed as getting enough seconders whereas they didn't.

May 12 2008 16:52

I think that's a bit unfair on MechSoc expecially this year. They co-ordinate the yearbooks, hoodies and shirts and they ran an extremely successful Xmas event securing a lot of sponsorship money for it.

The buddies event this year was also extremely good, the Chair and his committee made efforts to ensure that freshers actually engaged with their Buddies and interacted with eachother. There were games and prizes.

I think that's pretty good seeing as it was built on almost nothing. And it shows that it can be built on even more so next year.

May 13 2008 13:31

Ashley - if you delete my comment one more time im going to come to your Imperial office and beat the c**p out of you.

If you wish to take this discussion any further I will not hesitate to get the police involved.


May 13 2008 13:37

Dan, please do get the police involved, I believe they can arrest you for making threats like that.

9. K-dog   
May 13 2008 14:04

Yo Dan, I've got your money. Please can you send me your account details so I can transfer the rent.

May 13 2008 14:11

They system should have blocked Dan's IP address from Live!

Use email like normal people.

May 13 2008 15:42

Woah, what happened?

May 13 2008 16:01

Dan Rose chose to post on the GSA election article asking for payment for rent. A number of other posts that looked like they were written by 15 year olds followed it. I removed them, the same person then started posting demands for rent on other threads, then just making stupid comments.

I removed all the posts.

Dan Rose is, apparently, either a 15-year-old or an idiot (who will be receiving a visit from the police for his threat to "beat the c**p" out of me, if his "friends" give me his address).

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