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Library to Re-open in July

May 12 2008 11:17
The Dark Knight
The refurbished parts of the library are expected to re-open in early July, six months after the original January opening date and a little late for exams.
The new library entrance
We're not quite sure what this sticky-out bit achieves... it doesn't quite touch Sherfield

The refurbished parts of the College sauna library are set to open for business in early July, with improved air circulation and a new entrance making very little difference whatsoever to the soaring temperatures. However, a more space will be available along with a new coffee shop area, aided by the removal of Waterstones.

The principal changes have involved an extension to level 1 of the building, taking over much of the walkway adjacent to the Sherfield entrance. A new service tower, which includes lifts, stairs and ventilation systems has been installed and poorly camouflaged. Changes which would have made real differences to the ambient temperature in the library, including solar shading, were blocked by residents of neighbouring Alexandra Court.

The new marquee, with the library entrance and service tower in the background

The refurbished ground level of the library includes a brand new entrance, which sits on a suspiciously narrow entrance walkway next to the Queen's Lawn, leading this reporter to wonder how long it will take for part of the lawn to become concrete or paving slabs. The library now has three clashing styles on its Queen's Lawn-facing façade: a particularly twee stone fascia on the core of the building, a two storey glass-fronted extension on top and now a ground-floor modification which consists of brown plastic panels and tinted glass. This of course ignores the service tower, which has adopted the "cyan slats" design employed on the former black box in the Tanaka building.

Students hoping to escape the soaring temperatures in the library during exams by seeking solace on the Queen's Lawn are once again out of luck, as another huge marquee was erected on Sunday to house postgraduate commemoration day, blocking off the vast majority of the lawn in the process.

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Discussion about “Library to Re-open in July”

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May 12 2008 11:30

It looks a bit poo if you ask me, what architect designed that, and who agreed with it. looks like corrugated cardboard above the entrance.

What a waste of money!!

2. The B   
May 12 2008 12:22

Possibly the strangest looking building on the whole of the campus. Seems to have prosthetic bits randomly placed around the exterior now. Oh well, it wasn't exactly the architectural equivalent of Angelina Jolie to begin with...

3. oh   
May 12 2008 13:17

She is hot.

4. bored   
May 12 2008 13:33

another irritatingly consistent article from Live!

you've managed to get the queen's lawn and the library into one article, its a wonder this wasn't somehow linked to electoral farce

May 12 2008 13:42

What do you expect from an Imperial College students news service?

May 12 2008 14:22

The hoardings around the library came down at the weekend, so it made sense to do an update of what was happening - especially as people have been asking about it.

The marquee is only mentioned because it got in the way of every long-shot of the library I attempted, although I got lots of messages (facebook, email, text) on Sunday from people telling me it was going up...

Of course, if you know some scandal going on then feel free to log in and write an article - anyone can do so. I think we may have exhausted a lot of news last week though.

May 13 2008 11:19

Can someone remind me why we can't get air conditioning in the library? They just managed it at CX...

May 13 2008 11:24

The neighbours.

May 13 2008 11:28

Planning permission was denied.

May 13 2008 11:48

Of course, had Ben Harris and John Collins organised an effective campaign, we might have forced the Council into agreeing to it.

Instead they just agreed to increase hall rents and pay-per-use laundry...

11. btw   
May 14 2008 21:03

how did live! figure out that the new air circulation wouldn't affect the temperature of the library?

May 14 2008 23:10

Because there's a bloody great big glass area at the top which gets hot. I believe the ground-floor chillers aren't designed to cool that bit...

13. jen   
May 15 2008 14:45

Surely they can put some curtains or blinds in, that would be a start wouldn't it? Quite how they took that long to do just that to the library is strange, the inside must be super amazing!

14. jess   
May 15 2008 16:27

why made it that horrible brown colour??? it's disgusting...makes it even less appealing!!!

15. jen   
May 16 2008 09:51

it's earthy darling.. have you not been keeping up to date with grand designs??! ;)

May 16 2008 15:14

The top windows already have blinds on. What I don't understand is why they didn't put chillers on the roof of sherfield when they they did that refurb. Planning permission was rejected in February 07 and they've done nothing since.

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