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Faculty of Engineering Elections 2008: Results

May 19 2008 21:47
Andrew Holland
This evening's ICU Council meeting saw the announcement of results for the main CGCU positions, with departmental results also available here.
VPFS, Welfare Officer, VPA (we don't let Mark Mearing-Smith near the fire engine) (Photo: Kris Till)

Results in the Faculty of Engineering elections were announced this evening at Council.

City & Guilds College Union Central Positions

Mark Mearing-Smith has been elected CGCU President for 2008-09. Mr Mearing-Smith comfortably beat off competition from Rosie Smithells and Thomas Greany to fill the top role for next year. In the first round of voting he achieved 155 votes, compared to 78 for Miss Smithells, 38 for RON and 29 for Thomas Greany. Due to there currently being no CGCU president, the role may have to be filled before the official handover period.

The position of Vice President (Activities) was more closely fought, with Matthew Taylor beating Poorni Polgampola by 112 votes to 89, with RON taking 36. Vice President (Finance & Societies) was also closely fought, with a spookily similar number of votes compared to VPA. John James won with 118 votes, with Zheng Goh getting 89 and RON getting 36.

Elsewhere in the CGCU positions, Alex Grisman was re-elected Academic Affairs Officer (Taught) with 137 votes to RON's 53, and current DPEW Kirsty Patterson was elected as Welfare Officer with 150 votes, with RON getting 63. The positions of Academic Affairs Officer (Research) and Honorary Secretary are still to be filled, with elections to be held in the Autumn term

Departmental Societies

The rest of the positions are summarised as follows.


  • Chair - Nikhil Chandaria
  • Treasurer - Craig McPherson
  • Secretary - Laurence Lai
  • Dep Rep - Benjamin Stubbens


  • Chair - Nuri Purswani Ramchandani
  • Vice Chair - Lise Loerup
  • Secretary - Yazan Billeh
  • Treasurer - Tianyi Wang
  • Industrial Liaisons - Tassos Eracleous
  • Sports Officer - Michael Gassmann
  • Web Editor - No candidates
  • Dep Rep - Alessandro Ciucci

Chemical Engineering

  • Chair - Nathaniel Carter
  • Treasurer - Yat Hor
  • Honorary Secretary - No candidates
  • Vice Chair (Industrial Relations) - Kok Ng
  • Vice Chair (Industrial Relations) - No candidates
  • Vice Chair (Sport) - Mohamed Khayat
  • Webmaster - No candidates
  • Dep Rep - Brandon Ng and Evan Sketchley

Civil Engineering

  • Chair - Douglas White
  • Vice Chair - Nikhil Sehmi
  • Treasurer - Gareth Hopkins
  • Secretary - Charlotte Mace
  • Industrial Liaison Officer - San Pang
  • Events Officer - Jack Leedale
  • Sports Officer - Stanislaw Sikorski
  • Publicity Officer - Thomas Biagioli
  • Livic Editor - No candidates
  • Environmental Officer - Mimi Hunt
  • Web Editor - No candidates
  • Dep Rep - Kin Zhang

Doc Soc

  • Chair - Karan Gajwani Bijlani
  • Treasurer - Jasveersing Askurn
  • Secretary - Jasveersing Askurn
  • Events Officer - No candidates
  • Industrial Liaision Officer - No candidates
  • Webmaster - RON
  • Dep Rep - Karan Gajwani Bijlani


  • Chair - Benjamin Alun-Jones
  • Vice Chair (EEE) - Spyridon Pavlidis
  • Vice Chair (ISE) - No candidates
  • Treasurer - Jee Ong
  • Secretary - No Candidates
  • Events Officer (EEE) - Umer Shabbir
  • Events Officer (ISE) - No candidates
  • Industrial Liaison (EEE) - No candidates
  • Industrial Liaison (ISE) - No candidates
  • Webmaster - No candidates
  • EEE Dep Rep - Jeffrey Shin Hwang
  • EEE 2nd Year Rep - Karim Delawalla
  • EEE 2nd Year Rep - Azfarul Islam
  • EEE 3rd Year Rep - Kwun Leung
  • EEE 4th Year Rep - Iris Kariotelli and Roger Rouhana
  • ISE Course Rep - Miguel Sarabia Del Castillo
  • ISE 2nd Year Rep - Reuben Raveendran
  • ISE 3rd Year Rep - Miguel Sarabia Del Castillo
  • ISE 4th Year Rep - Mireno Rossi

Mat Soc

  • Chair - Oliver Joris
  • Treasurer - Benjamin Hanson
  • Secretary - Alistair Philpott
  • Dep Rep - Benjamin Moorhouse

Mech Soc

  • Chair - No candidates
  • Vice Chair - No candidates
  • Secretary - No candidates
  • Events Officer - No candidates
  • Treasurer - No candidates
  • Industrial Liaision Officer - No candidates
  • Webmaster - No candidates
  • Publicity Officer - No candidates
  • Leavers Yearbook Coordinator - No candidates
  • Dep Rep - Leo Tagg
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Discussion about “Faculty of Engineering Elections 2008: Results”

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1. Milli   
May 19 2008 21:50

Can we see the no of votes etc anywhere? Will they be on the Union website? T'would be interesting

May 19 2008 21:53

"A detailed breakdown, along with departmental results, will be published shortly."

Do some revision.

May 19 2008 22:10

snoochie boochies, mark mearing smith, takes the title with his fist

4. Milli   
May 19 2008 22:26

Matt that's an unfortunate photo of you

5. haha   
May 19 2008 22:31

on first reading I thought "(Photo: Kris Till)" read Kill Tris

May 20 2008 08:50

100+ votes from the entire Faculty of Engineering. That's quite a feat.

May 20 2008 09:45

What does snoochie boochies mean?

May 20 2008 09:46

Mark got more votes for Guilds President than the next ULU President got for that position...

May 21 2008 10:13

Nice to see that CGCU is representitive of all its students, and not just a haven for hacks.

Oh, wait

May 21 2008 17:38

MechSoc....this is painful

11. Cynic   
May 21 2008 19:45

It's all for CV's anyway and I cannot remember the last useful thing my year rep did

May 22 2008 19:39

I don't think anyone elected to guilds this year is a hack (excluding patterson), active in guilds previously, yes, but single minded, student political knob end? not really. Mearing Smith is a fresh face, John James is active in clubs and LMS in the past, but not a perennial officer. Matthew Taylor is also a fresh face. Clearly Change? you are a scientist who ain't got a clue.

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