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RSM Hockey Offend the Cornish

May 30 2008 11:39
The Dark Knight
The diplomatic souls in the Royal School of Mines have caused a minor diplomatic incident, after a Cornish Councillor took offence at comments on their website.
Surf's up

A welcome respite from the news drought occurred today, as the Union received a complaint from a Councillor in the Free Republic of Cornwall. Councillor Graham Hicks took offence at the banter on the RSM Hockey page on the ICU Website, which was directed at the Camborne School of Mines.

Hicks, who self-defines his ethnicity as Cornish, took issue with the following statement on the RSM Hockey website:

"The Royal School of Mines Hockey Club follows in a long line of RSM sporting prowess but most of all its about fun, drinking and beating the pulp out of little cornish inbreds who like to call themselves miners"

The RSM Hockey Club, not known for their diplomacy or manners, had included the statement as part of the ongoing offensive banter between themselves and Camborne, which culminates in the massive drinking session that is the Bottle Match.

Although accepting that the statement was intended as a bit of fun, the statement was interpreted as being directed at the Cornish people in general. ICU President Stephen Brown has requested that the banter be modified to specifically identify those from Camborne as "inbreds" and not those that self-define as Cornish.

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Discussion about “RSM Hockey Offend the Cornish”

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May 30 2008 16:56

Classic cornish!

2. RSM   
May 30 2008 17:02

i'd rather be stillborn that camborne

May 30 2008 17:04

Oh yes, any day... and wipe that spug look of those 6 toed rugger buggers

May 30 2008 17:14

I understand how that guy must feel....

I would be upset if I were generalised as a miner!


Jun 02 2008 16:59

(i think its the comments that make me smile more....)

How very amusing indeed, I'm glad the cornish councillors have nothing better to do than google "inbred" and "cornish"

Jun 02 2008 17:27

I actually cracked what I thought was a joke about the Councillor spending all day Googling for "Cornish inbreds"... seems that's exactly what he was doing.

7. Jimbo   
Jun 03 2008 19:36

This story made it into the london papers. well done miner scum.

Jun 03 2008 20:52

I sent this off today:

  • --

Dear Cllr Hicks,

I write to you as a disappointed member of the 13,000-strong student body you have very publically attacked over the last few days in the local and national press. I write independently of both the students union and the College authorities, but as someone you have offended with your comments. Whilst I appreciate your anger at a perceived reference to all Cornish people being "inbreds", and feel you were completely correct in making your original complaint, I must take serious issue with your attempts to sully the name of all Imperial College students based on the actions of just a few.

Imperial College has 13,000 students and operates over 300 clubs covering different activities, each run by a committee of three people. These clubs have a great deal of autonomy, being responsible for their own actions and having to deal with the consequences of the same. The net result of this is that the particular page you took issue with was probably authored by just one or two people and most likely visited just by those who take part in the Bottle Match (and those who spend their time Googling for "Cornish inbreds", although I could not find the page on Google myself).

On the basis of this infrequently-visited page, and I presume your desire for press coverage, you have attempted to undermine the reputation of students at my institution, around 13,000 of which played no part at all in creating the page in question. In a similar way to the subject of your original complaint, you have publically condemned a large cohort, due entirely to your own ignorance of the situation.

Your original complaint criticised the use of a narrow-minded and offensive stereotype, based on ignorance and arrogance, yet you have spread the same about myself and my colleagues. By contacting the press you have publically tarred all of us ? English, Cornish, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, French, Spanish, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Turkish, Greek (the list goes on) ? with the same brush.

Based on the precedent set by your complaint, I hereby request a public apology, sent to the press, where you acknowledge that only a few students were responsible, and you were making no attack on the rest of the student body. I feel you should also highlight that by condemning the whole student body, you were being just as clumsy and ignorant as those who posted the original comments on the web page for their club.

Having requested that, I must also state that I strongly question your motives in going to the press when your complaint had been resolved, and find such an immature attitude to be unbecoming of a Councillor.

I consider this to be an open letter which may be freely circulated to the press.

With Concern,

Ashley Brown

3rd Year PhD Researcher

Imperial College London

  • --
Jun 04 2008 09:47

Shouldn't you be writing up your PhD?

Jun 04 2008 09:51

I wrote that on the train, where it's quite difficult to write up a PhD.

Jun 05 2008 12:36

It's a good job that he didn't see some of the pictures in the other section here

12. Danny   
Jun 05 2008 13:12

Ashley..... superb letter!

Jun 05 2008 23:14

*cough* Live! is now the second link if you Google for "Cornish inbreds"... *cough*

14. Hmmm   
Jun 06 2008 15:09

I suspect he wasn't actually writing in his capacity as councillor, but as a member of Cornish Solidarity (I guess he'd argue that these interests are one and the same... not convinced).

After reading some of the letters from Cornish Solidarity, who describe the ethnically cornish as an ever decreasing minority, I want to know how exactly they plan to preserve the future of their race if they don't embark on a spot of inbreading to increase the stock?


15. This post has been deleted.
Jun 07 2008 01:17
16. a mate   
Jun 07 2008 13:24

Ashley, the above comment is not appropriate. Please could you take it down.

17. KERNOW   
Nov 21 2009 18:06

I see the usual ignorant comments abound. I doubt most of you even know what the word ethnicity means - certainly the author of the story above doesn't have a clue.

PS And you wonder why merry little engerland was bombed out of Ireland? :D

18. Humble   
Nov 21 2009 23:39

And what does it mean my little insignificant arrogant friend?

Jun 20 2012 13:13

I'm very disappointed that students at your 'prestigious institution' are clearly racist and intolerant of minorities. Education is the key, you wouldn't think that would be a problem at your institution...

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