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Referendum Hits Quorum

Jun 23 2008 23:52
Ashley Brown
At around 10pm this evening the NUS referendum hit the required number of votes to make it valid.
Luke Taylor frantically texts people to vote, while Alex Grisman is being an idiot

Last-minute phone calls, text messages and emails made the number of votes in the NUS referendum exceed 15% of the number of registered students at around 10pm this evening. The original estimate of 1,800 votes was short of the mark, with the latest data from Registry indicating 2,022 votes were required for the referendum to be valid.

With 1,800 votes passed easily late on Monday afternoon, the official target of 2,022 votes drew ever closer throughout the evening, with Beit Quad full of Union officers phoning around to ensure everyone they knew had cast their vote, slightly obsessed with the turnout figure. A final push just before 22:00 this evening saw the votes roll in, with this year's NUS delegates phoning or texting as many people as possible to encourage them to vote either way.

By the time of publication the number of votes is comfortably above the number required for a valid referendum, passing the 15% barrier. This proves a number of people wrong, including former ICU President John Collins who expressed an opinion that only a "few hundred" people would vote.

Final official turnout figures will be available sometime on Tuesday, however results will not be announced until Wednesday lunchtime when both campaign teams are available to hear the result announced in the Union.

Turnout will be a couple of thousand votes below that experienced 19 months ago, when freshers were strongly encouraged to vote. However, the turnout is unprecedented for a vote in the last week of term, when most final year students either no longer care, or feel it is not their place to vote for the future. Imperial, it seems, is no longer as apathetic as it once was.

Live! will bring you the result of the referendum shortly after 13:00 on Wednesday, as soon as we have it.

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Discussion about “Referendum Hits Quorum”

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1. Jen   
Jun 24 2008 08:42

I'm going to have a fun day at the NUS regional reception ;)

Jun 24 2008 10:25

I'm excited!!... and a little bit nervous...

Jun 24 2008 10:53


Fun, massacre, what's the difference? Enjoy! x

Jun 24 2008 11:45

good luck, i am watching with anxiety!

Jun 24 2008 16:05

don't worry jen, got your back

6. ...   
Jun 25 2008 13:48

Saying that the turnout is "a couple of thousand votes below that experienced 19 months ago" hides the actual failure of this referendum. Last year 4000 votes were obtained in 2 days, this time we only got 2000 votes in 6 days. Doesn't take a genius to work out which referendum was more representative of the students.

Jun 25 2008 14:00

It's the very end of term, most people have left, have exams or are too busy getting drunk. It's amazing that anyone bothered to vote at all and the fact that over 2000 people did is really really tremendous. Plus only the no camp campaigned. Last year there were half the NUS exec complete with penguins prodding excitable freshers.

Jun 25 2008 14:03

And of course final year students aren't around or decide not to vote because they won't be here, so the actual number of students who will vote is lower.

Jun 25 2008 14:17

I'm amazed quorum was reached but it shows just how much people didn't want to be part of the NUS considering how little campaigning there was. The Yes campaigners should've tried to keep an even lower profile though because if no-one voted yes then quorum wouldn't have been reached.

Jun 25 2008 15:39

You sound like a perfect delegate to NUS conference. You are more interested in whining about the process than acknowledging that NUS is s**t and that we should never have joined in the first place.

It wouldn't matter if the referendum was held over 6 hours, 6 days or 6 weeks. The NUS still leaves a lot to be desired regardless.

Jun 25 2008 16:04

Isn't this the failed tactic employed by the NUS???

Poster 6... keep up with the yes camp's thinking!

Jun 25 2008 16:04

i was an nus delegate and i definitely acknowledge that the NUS is s**t!!!!

and i know we shouldn't have joined in the first place, i voted no, but i was willing to go along to conference and give them the benefit of the doubt, but they proved me right!!!

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