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Felix Editor hits back

Jul 03 2001 13:40
Mustafa Arif
John Clifford to make formal complaint against "gutless" Exec.
John Clifford has a very close working relationship with Etienne Pollard.

John Clifford, Editor of Felix (but only until 1 August) has hit back at his critics as he prepares to file an formal complaint over Felix's recent suspension. However, it seems that Deputy President (Finance & Services), Etienne Pollard will bear the brunt of Mr Clifford's tirade.

Relations between Messrs Clifford and Pollard are said to have reached a low ebb with the printing, in the last issue, of an article alleging that Mr Pollard has "disappared up his arse". The article is understood to have been written by Mr Clifford, under a pseudonym.

Mr Clifford feels particularly agreived with the way ICU Exec handled the suspension. He claims he was given no advance notice of the action and no opportunity to present his case. He was only told of the suspension when ICU President, Hamish Common, came over "a few days later". Mr Clifford described Exec's behaviour as "gutless".

The Felix Editor has refuted suggestions that £40,000 of advertisiting revenue was ever at stake. While accepting there were some financial problems, he made clear that he believed them to be grossly exaggerated. Mr Clifford said that that figure was based on "finance office doing f**k all". He also suggested that Mr Pollard was "pissed off from us gently teasing him in the first month".

Mr Pollard dismissed Mr Clifford's acusations, describing them as "complete rubbish".

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Discussion about “Felix Editor hits back”

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Jul 03 2001 14:49


2. John   
Jul 04 2001 14:41

Formal complaint. Have to admit, that's news to me...

Jul 04 2001 17:38

Maybe you could print it in Felix?

Jul 04 2001 21:02

...or even Helix!

I actually saw that issue last year and thought it was a good idea. Any chance of any more?

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