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City and Guilds Nominations Open

Oct 05 2008 17:04
Kirsty Patterson
Nominations are now open for City and Guilds Elections along with a spattering of other positions across Imperial College Union. You would be forgiven for not noticing.
Nominations are open. No really.

Nominations opened yesterday for the remaining ICU Council, Trustee Board and CGCU Positions. The CGCU Elections were announced in a Faculty wide newsletter sent out by CGCU President, Mark Mearing-Smith, however no notification has yet been received from ICU about nominations being open for the Central Union positions.

Nominations are also open for the whole of the Mechanical Engineering Society Committee which currently consists of a rather lonely Departmental Representative, Leo Tagg.

The positions available include:

City & Guilds College Union

Chair: an independent position to lead and moderate the discussion at CGCU Executive Committee Meetings. The Chair is responsible for ensuring that everyone in the meeting is treated equally and fairly and is to encourage everyone to use their chance to speak. The Chair also ensures that the meetings and decisions of CGCU Executive Committee are within the terms of the CGCU Constitution.

Honorary Secretary: the Hon Sec keeps a record of all the things that CGCU is doing on a day to day basis. They do this by taking minutes of all the meetings in CGCU and by looking after the intranet and compiling the fortnightly newsletter. The Hon Sec also has chance to get involved in many other CGCU activities which can include designing posters for events, helping out with the Lord Mayor's Show and usually includes organising the Freshers' Ball.


  • Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Junior Treasurer
  • Events Officer
  • Industrial Liaison Officer
  • Leavers Year Book Coordinator
  • Sports Officer


  • Vice Chair
  • Livic Editor

Imperial College Union

  • Undergraduate CGCU* Councillors
  • Postgraduate CGCU* Councillors
  • Undergraduate RCSU* Councillors
  • Postgraduate RCSU* Councillors
  • Undergraduate ICSMSU* Councillors
  • Postgraduate ICSMSU* Councillors
  • Non Faculty Councillors
  • Student Trustee

* This reporter cannot remember changing the names of the positions on Council but assumed that the ICU voting software couldn't be lying...

Nominations for all positions close at Midnight on Sunday 19th October.

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Discussion about “City and Guilds Nominations Open”

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Oct 05 2008 17:10

Did Mark write the descriptions for the CGCU positions? ("independant", "meting")

Also, FoE postgrads don't appear to have received an email. Did it go out with all the text in images, as with the web page? It goes against the principles of the disability discrimination act and may well have set off a few spam filters if it did...

Oct 05 2008 21:02

Nope that would have been me in a rush in between printing stuff for Freshers' Fair. 'Meeting' is an obvious typo but I genuinely thought that was how to spell indeepindent. :o)

The email that was sent is the same as the webpage. FoE PGs were deffinately in the 'To' list so it is more likely that it got stuck in your spam filter. Mark checked it on numerous different peoples accounts and in numerous different browsers. Didn't think of the spam filter thing though. DDA is a good point though, we'll have to review that.

Oct 05 2008 21:16

Send it in Arial/Helvetica. Sending as an image is stupid.

Oct 05 2008 21:21

Maybe if you weren't hiding in Croydon all the time you could have told us that. :o) What it is to be needed...

Oct 06 2008 18:40

Updated to include CivSoc Positions which opened for nominations today!

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