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Suspect Package Closes Elvaston Place

Oct 20 2008 11:01
The Dark Knight
Students travelling into College from Gloucester Road were greeted by a police cordon this morning.
Police on Elvaston Place
Map showing Elvaston Place

The police erected a cordon around various parts of the Gloucester Road and Queen's Gate area this morning due to a suspect package in one of the houses in the vicinity of Elvaston Place. Armed police and what appeared to be the bomb squad were down one of the mews dealing with the incident, along with a dog unit.

On the whole it seemed a fairly routine 'suspect package', but drew a large crowd. The large number of embassies in the area makes it especially prone to police cordons at the first sign of an abandoned bag.

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Discussion about “Suspect Package Closes Elvaston Place”

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Oct 20 2008 13:36

C**p, that's where I left my bag!

2. ren   
Oct 20 2008 21:56

Shouldn't the police try to disperse a "large crowd" around a potential bomb?

Oct 20 2008 21:58

That's why they have a cordon - to keep the crowd away from the 'bomb'.

Oct 21 2008 21:48

But it might be a nukeyular bomb? The cordon would be much too close if it was. I should know - I read it on a youtube comment ages ago

Oct 21 2008 22:27

Police cordons would have been at least 50 metres in this circumstances, more than sufficient for a bag sized IED.

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